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Overlord 3 Ideas

Updated on July 1, 2016


So I'm just going to jump right into this idea, an idea that would make Overlord fans jump up and rejoice for Overlord being back to the way it was.

So first off: the plot. The plot revolves around the third Overlord (the one from Raising Hell), after he gets out of the infernal abyss. A couple of years have passed since the events of Fellowship of Evil, and the netherghouls have become obsessed with evil, but extremely paranoid. The time to pick an Overlord has come and they all must kill each other. Although they all want too, they can not succeed, so they have take over different armies of magical creatures.

  • Cryos has elves
  • Hakon has dwarves
  • Inferna has a group of bandits
  • Malady has Skeletons and zombies

There is also a fifth faction known as the remnants, a group of ex-imperials who are trying to reform the empire after the war broke out between the netherghouls.

Now that the third Overlord is back, Gnarl welcomes him home to the Netherworld and the minions bow down to him once again. Throughout the game the Overlord has to defeat the Empire and the netherghouls, while building up a powerful domain.


Choice is a big thing in games now. Games like Fallout, Skyrim, GTA and many more, are giving more and more choices to players to the point where it changes the gameplay and story of the game entirely. Overlord was the first game that I played where I had a choice, a choice to give the worthless peasants some food, or keep it for myself, and I chose to keep it. Overlord NEEDS choice, but it needs more.

The first Overlord made no sense how you can be good at points, the second game made it a bit more believable with you being "generous" and enslaving people or killing them outright, but this game needs more. There needs to be a choice to let certain things live, not because you are nice, but to make you stronger. For example, there are still succubi left, you COULD go and kill them off and they won't give you any trouble, or you could let them live at your mercy. Beautiful demons for a powerful, evil Overlord.

This won't be measured in good or bad either, instead it should be left for the player to decide if it is right or not. It will make the player really think on the game to have to decide what is right and wrong, and if they really care, because honestly, I would much prefer having a city of slaves, than a city of corpses.

The succubi might not be much help gameplay wise, but they would be nice eye candy around the tower. But what about other races? Well the choice to dominate or destroy cities NEEDS to stay, that was the most unique and amazing thing I have ever seen in any game. The enslavement of an entire city made me feel like a powerful badass (especially since I was 13 at the time). There needs to be more than two though, whether it be from DLC or in the main game, doesn't matter, but there should be more than two. Other choices could be to spare the netherghouls, as weird as it might be, having them do your bidding would make you more powerful. Additionally the wraiths from the Abyss should also be a given a choice to let live or die.


Like I said, there shouldn't be a "good" or "bad" rating, but there should be a faction rating. By this I don't mean the enemy factions, they hate you of course, but I mean, what do the cities think of you? How do you treat your minions? Do you make sure they stay alive or are they just fodder? I for one love keeping them alive as best as I can. There should be some kind of way to measure your power, fear and respect ratings across the domain.

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Minion Risk

What's the point of having thousands of minions? Honestly it is pretty useless aside from forging them, but what about after that's done? What do you do with the 10,000 minions you have sitting in the spawning pits? Well what about incorporating a mini-game? A risk-like game (kind of like how the minigame worked in James Cameron's Avatar) that allows you to send minions around the world to different areas to combat different factions and spread your domain. This gives a reason to keep gathering life force AND grows your domain without making the game insanely huge.

Open World & Forts

The game is pretty nice as Overlord 1 and 2 were, but if they were open world they would be so much better. Additionally, in Overlord Ii there was a part where you had to break into a fort to "liberate" a catapult. Now, what if there were many more forts that you can take over that your minions would be garrisoned at? These forts are where you can go back to the Nether world and where you can summon more minions. It adds more strategy to the game and more to do. For aesthetic purposes there should also be the minion guards on the walls which could also add protection.

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Upgrade the Nether and Invasions

Now you could kind of upgrade the Nether in Overlord II, but it should have more too it. Also it would be interesting to see like factions trying to invade the Nether and you have to defend it.

A Larger Harem

I just turned 18 and I've got a bigger harem the the fourth joke it's kind of weird. There should be more mistress that the Overlord should be allowed to either take with him, or leave wherever they are. Of course maybe three or four should be story related, but there should be some that are scattered around the game that need help with something and you can either save them and let them be a mistress or leave them behind.


DLC's are becoming more and more used by developers and sometimes, they are a great thing. Take fallout 4's far harbor DLC for example. It's huge and only $25. Even their smaller automatron DLC was amazing for its price. Some DLC ideas for Overlord would be something maybe not quite as big as the raising hell expansion (although that would be amazing), but some DLC's that add new areas, weapons and quests to do. Just as a guideline I like to compare a DLC to that's fair, Every extra hour of gameplay is about 75 cents. So if you only add in a DLC that adds 10 hours of gameplay, it should be $5.

Earlier I mentioned Cities as DLC. I still don't see why some more cities can't be added for an extra dollar, so long as they are unique that is. Nordberg and Everlight were amazing and similar cities should be added in, but a desert city would be great (like the one from the multiplayer map in Overlord I), maybe one of the DLC's could add in an extra abyss that the Overlord needs to use some stray wraith's to take it back over. Instead of using life force, the wraiths are all just enslaved, and can be summoned at smaller "minion sized" abyss gates, that is, assuming the Overlord let's the wraiths live.


Anyway, that is it for my ideas, perhaps I will have more someday. If you are a fan of Overlord, download the app "amino" and search up "Overlord" to find a community of fellow Overlord fans. Should you join up, I'll see you there, and remember. evil always finds a way...


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