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Overview of Madden 13 new Physics engine, and pros and cons

Updated on September 2, 2012


This guide is going to talk about the new physics engine that EA sports has implemented on Madden 13. I will talk about the pros and cons, what exactly was changed, and how it effects your playing style, and revolutionizes the Madden game.

What are the new physics

If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, then you will soon notice when you play. The biggest change you will notice with these new physics is after a tackle when you see the players stumbling over each other, falling down, and acting like the just spun in circles for 60 seconds, and was told to walk in a straight line. It is actually comical to watch the players fall, and trip over each other, and get caught on each other. It is something completely new to the game that has not been seen.

Factors that play a part are weight, height of a player, body mass, and body type, that allow every single tackle, or play to look completely different time after time. Depending on the player you will see a range of different hits, and sometimes a broken tackle, or many broken tackles, or a fast tackle.

I will talk about the pros and cons below.


One con I have noticed that has not been very prevalent in other games was tackling your own players. Now this obviously is not smart, but can happen accidentally and when it does, it can mean big things for your opponent. This has happened to me a couple times where mis-tackling a player, and hitting my own has given the other team a touchdown.

Thats only the main real con I see in this feature. That and it seems there are a lot more injuries in this game than in past maddens, but that could be from the fact that players tend to sit on each other, and lay on each other after the tackle for extended times. None the less it seems there are a lot more players getting injured each game then in the past. The injuries though do not seem that bad, and usually are only until the end of the game.


Well while it may seem funny, to watch the players all over each other between plays, the new physics system has really improved tackling, and improved breaking tackles. Whether you are on offense or defense this new system is much more realistic, and will GREATLY help you on both sides. While it will also negatively affect you from time to time, overall this will greatly help you when you are trying to break tackles and play the game.

As far as other pros, I think overall the engine itself is a major pro, and step forward into the more realistic a game can get. Factoring in the weight, and balance system has really put the Madden game in a new category of realism, and I expect to see this feature continually being used in future games, and perfected either on an update, or by next years game. Where this is a new feature, it is not perfect, but I think that we can agree that it is much better than what has been in past games.


As a whole the new Madden physics system is a great change to the game. I think that once again this is moving in the right direction to make the most realistic football game possible. I think it is also interesting to see something new at the start, and how it will change over the years. If you have been playing madden over the years then you remember things like QB vision, that sneak kick you could do once per game which turned into an onside kick, the years of the unstoppable hail mary. As time goes on things come and go, but the game does get better, and this is just another key step in increasing the game into the future. Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of the new Madden 13 game.


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