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PC Games Worth Playing: BreakQuest

Updated on April 2, 2013


Anyone born before 1995 has likely played (or at least heard of) Arkanoid. If you're not familiar, there's a video below. BreakQuest has taken the awesome-factor (and, yes, it was high back then) from Arkanoid and multiplied it with a fantastic-for-it's-purpose physics engine and more power-ups than you can shake a controller at.

Arkanoid: 1987 style.

BreakQuest - Arkanoid: 2005 Style

Arkanoid | Versus | BreakQuest

Difficulty Modes?
3: Easy, Medium and Hard
Initial Lives?
Yes, by points and rarely by extra ship capsules.
Possibility for more Lives?
Yes, by points and rarely by extra ship capsules
a 12-pixel roundish thing.
Ball shape?
Round, Square, Triangular, Egg-shaped and Oval-shaped
Bricks that disappear when you hit them once, Bricks that disappear when you hit them a few times, and bricks that never disappear.
Varieties of bricks?
Bricks that disappear when you hit them once, Bricks that disappear when you hit them a few times, Bricks that never disappear, Bricks that explode, Bricks that move, Bricks that only disappear when they are a certain color relative to other bricks on the field, bricks that only disappear when a certain other game element matches certain criteria, Bricks that only disappear after certain other bricks are gone, et cetera.
Shapes of bricks?
Rectangular, Triangular (Right, Isoceles and Regular), Round, Oval-shaped, Tetris-and-similar shaped, Square, Oval, Shapes that morph from one to another, Hexagonal, Octagonal, Wind-mill shaped, Rhombus shaped, et cetera.
Laser, Multiball, Sticky, Large Paddle, Slow Ball, Extra Life(Rare), Skip Current Level(Quite rare)
Over fifty - too many to list. Powerups change the shape of the ball, the shape of the paddle, the speed of the ball, the speed of the paddle, the accuracy of the paddle, the width of the paddle, the ATK power of the ball (remember, some bricks require multiple hits, so they have an HP, of sorts), multiball, sputnik (a sort of satellite which orbits the ball and has the same function), multi-sputnik, et cetera.
One. Every new powerup destroys the previous ability.
How many powerups at a time?
I haven't found the limit yet. I've had a square fireball with four sputniks while my paddle was extra-wide, oval-shaped and I had the spread-shooter gun.
3 balls at a time. When you have the multi-ball, no other powerups will be on-scren. (Too many moving sprites for memory to handle).
Maximum multi-ball on screen?
Well, every multi-ball adds three to every ball you have. 1 + 3 = 4. 4 + (3 x 4) = 16. 16 + (3 x 16) = 64. You get the picture.
Uhh.. Deal with it?
The ball is going very slowly, it's not going to hit anything while it's up there, what do I do?
The right mouse-button is used to divert the ball in a downward fashion. This can be used to aim the ball at that one last brick.
Umm... Deal with it?
GAH, There's one last brick and i can't get it!!!!
If you haven't removed any bricks at all for about thirty seconds, the game figures you're having a hard time, and gives you a present. (usually a GPS missile so you can just target the little bugger.)
Sort of...
Sort of... (if you're playing this game for the storyline, you're in the wrong genre.)
See below.
$19.95. BUT, if you buy it at, when you pay by pay-pal, even though they say on the main page that it's 19.95, they only charged me $9.95.
For it's time? absolutely. Now? ehh... just for the memories.
Worth it?
Think of how much you'd pay for a diversion of your time? The Hard setting takes about four hours to complete, and new dynamics are always being introduced. You're never left with the same-old same-old.


For those of you who HAVE played the game, was the game worth your time? did it keep you busy enough to keep playing? Please share your thoughts about the game in the comments section below.


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