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PC Games Worth Playing: Portal

Updated on April 2, 2013


This game was built on the Half-Life 2 physics engine with some minor modifications. It is an Action/Puzzle game set in a testing facility. The main 'weapon' is the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device which allows the user to create portals which can be used to transport themselves, and other objects, between them. See, below, an overview of game play.

Aperture Science Testing Facility Introduction


The new take on a physics-based game is refreshing.
Because it is such a new take, the learning curve can be high. Because of this, by the time the player feels comfortable with the skills required to play the game, 11 of the 19 total levels are completed.
19 fun-filled levels which challenge the mind in new and exciting ways.
Because there are only 19 levels, the game only has between four and six hours of gameplay.
Price: Only $9.99 (See below)
Because it is largely built from the Half-Life 2 engine, it is highly moddable. There are many mods which can be found all over the internet.
None of the mods I've seen so far are nearly as awesome as the original game, which is just too short.
For replay value, the game includes several "Achievements" and "Challenge modes" which can pique your fancy.
However, many of these modes make the game so insanely difficult, that only the incredibly experienced gamer need attempt them.


Was the game worth your time? Was the cake a lie? Please share your thoughts about the game in the comments section below.


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    • Epsilon5 profile image

      Epsilon5 8 years ago from Eastern Pennsylvania

      I'm glad you enjoyed my hub. I'll send you the details. :)

    • ngureco profile image

      ngureco 8 years ago

      Great hub. May you, please, explain to me how to daw a Table using Hubpages’ Editor. I do not know how to do it.