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PC vs Consoles - Which is better for gaming?

Updated on October 8, 2013

Playstation 3


Xbox 360 console

Xbox | Source

Nintendo Wii


There is a lot of discussions happening on this question. Today the gaming industry has reached up to a higher level. Many of the people are now being addicted to the video games. This is mainly because of the improved graphics of video games. The most leading consoles now a days are playstation, xbox 360 and Wii. These consoles are competing with each other. The playstation is owned by the famous company SONY.

Xbox 360 is developed by Microsoft and the Wii is introduced by Nintendo, the best game developing company. These companies have developed their own strategic inventions of gaming. Motion gaming is one of the latest technologies invented by the consoles for gaming.Playing video games using motion technology has taken the players to a new level of gaming. Its like we are the characters in the games.

Variety of games are releasing now a days which can be played using this motion technology. The play station has developed ps3 move for exciting motion gaming experience. The ps3 move has a controller with buttons and sensor. It brings the players a new experience of gaming. Microsoft has developed xbox 360 kinect for motion gaming. The interesting and exciting thing about this kinect is that it does not requires a controller. It means we are the players in the games, it will respond according to our motion.

Nintendo Wii is the first to introduce this motion gaming. It also has controllers for motion. There is no motion gaming available for the PC. This slightly reduces the gaming experience. For gaming purposes only it is recommended to buy a console than a PC but it will be only for a few years only. As compared to consoles games the PC games are more cheaper. Most of the people people uses PC for gaming because it can be upgraded . The main comparisons between the consoles and PC are given below.

PC vs consoles - quick review

1. The first difference between console and PC is about the upgradation. The Consoles are not able to be upgraded for future but the PC can be upgraded when ever we wanted.

2. Another difference comparing the consoles and PC is about their price. The cost of a console will not be more than 400$ but a high performance gaming personal computers cost will be much higher than that of the consoles.

3. The prices of games is another difference. The price of games for PC is relatively much cheaper than that of the games of the consoles.

4. The latest technology of motion gaming is only available for the consoles which makes an exciting experience for the console gamers. The PC does not have any motion gaming system.

5. Another important difference which defeats the consoles is the processing power. The consoles processing power for running games is only less than 600 Mega hertz (MGz) but most of the personal computers now a days comes above 1 Giga hertz(GHz).

6. Many block buster games are not releasing for the PC .They are only available for consoles. This is another disadvantage of personal computer gaming.

7. Another important advantage of consoles is that it is very simple to use. For playing games there won't need any installation or configuring the games while in personal computer the games which is bought need to be installed and configured. some of the games may not work even in some personal computers.

The video game industry has become very popular today. 91% of the children are now busy with play playing the video games. When we compare personal computer gaming and console gaming 71% of people play games in PC. personal computers have many uses than that of consoles.For only playing games then we can go to the option of consoles than PC.

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    • sujithbeta profile image

      Sreejith k 5 years ago from Kerala, India

      Thank you so much alma cabase for supporting me.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines


      In terms of speed.. PC is far from beating consoles...however, some famous games are only released in PC..if you are having problems whether to purchase a console or pc for gaming, consider what games you plan to play. This hub is great yet it lacks pictures and other visual aids that can add life to it.

      Keep working hard my friend. And good luck with your future hubs.