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Updated on February 3, 2008

If you are a soccer fan and you love gaming,I hope that you have bought your PS3 and HDTV, gathered with your friends and share the joy of worshipping this piece of artifact from technology gods. PES 2008 is the field to beat out your friends and have your money's worth. If you learn some new soccer tricks I bet that it will double the joy of beating your friends. The real joy of gaming is doing those crazy soccer tricks that would be impossible to do in real life. (Unless you are Christiano Ronaldo or Rooney. Actually if you are Christiano Ronaldo or Rooney it would be very ironic that you can do those tricks actually in the soccer field but looking for help to do them on the game:)

PES 2008 is blended with a new feeling of game and there are a number of many more tricks and moves you can perform. I'll cut the talking now and here's the list of PES 2008 Tricks & Moves:

Drag Ball


Drag Ball Stepover

L1+R1 Then L1 2x

Drag Ball Into Stepover Dash

L1+R1 Then 2x L1+R1

Sidestep Stepover

Do a sidestep up/or/down+R2 then quickly press L1 x2

Crossing Stance

L1 then R1 x3

Look Up Cross

L1+R1 Then O

Nutmeg (This one is a lot of fun if you can control the ball)

While standing with R2, Press Back+R2 and Forward+R2 quickly.

Diving (This one is clearly cheating, but not in game sense. You try to cheat the referee and if you're lucky you will get away with a penalty if not you must face the yellow card)


Shirt Pull (The game's getting more and more dirty. Be sure that you are away from the referee and running just behind the other player to be able to pull his shirt)


Heel Dash (If you are controlling Cristiano Ronaldo why not have his skills. Only some players can perform those tricks)

R1+90 Degrees direction while running or trapping ball.

Go Around The Ball

While running hold L1 then tap quickly R1 x2

You can find a video of those new tricks below

Please comment if you know any other moves.

PES 2008 Tricks Video


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    • profile image

      CYPRIAN 6 years ago

      Can this tricks work in pes2011

    • profile image

      Anubhav 7 years ago

      hey guys i have 2 tricks

      1st one is move right analog stick down and up quickly to move the ball over the rival player.

      2nd one is press and hold L1 and rotate the right analog stick 360 degree for a circular dribbling.

    • profile image

      djhfz 7 years ago

      where are the effin ps2 codes

    • profile image

      fuc u all 7 years ago

      all of u r gay dis is d best ever

    • profile image

      morovich 7 years ago

      i need ps2 codes not ps3 but thanks

    • profile image

      tyler 7 years ago

      can you do xbox 360 ones next

    • profile image

      ALSÑK 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Lukas Denk 8 years ago

      Geil!!! Ich hab jeden Trick gleich gemacht und jeder hat gleich vonknzioniert (oder wie man das eben schreibt)!!!

    • profile image

      the dude 8 years ago

      this is quite cheating to look at these cheats cause you can always win now lool

    • profile image

      mounir 8 years ago

      press back then forword quickly any player can do thes move

    • profile image

      yo 8 years ago

      great website thnx

    • profile image

      Mitchell 8 years ago

      I Know A Trick! Tap L1 x 3 To Do 3 Or More Stepovers

    • profile image

      naveen 9 years ago

      what is x2 x3 give me an undersatndable answer

    • profile image

      Dovik 9 years ago

      thank you baja california

    • profile image

      lyricalkid 9 years ago

      hey dats cool but i have ps2 does it work on ps2 aswell if not can u give me da 1s 4 ps2 thnx

    • profile image

      johan mark 9 years ago

      Can you do these tricks using the same controls on PES2009?

    • profile image

      jack 9 years ago

      why no have the chanpiom in my pes 2009 ps2

    • profile image

      zakaria  9 years ago

      (:best tricks it help me to beat all my brothers :)

    • profile image

      zirul 9 years ago

      this is a ps2 tricks and skill are you

    • profile image

      DILLON 9 years ago


    • profile image

      scouse masterclass 9 years ago


    • profile image

      lolz 9 years ago

      YOU ROX MAH SOX! lolz.

    • profile image

      mr lolo 9 years ago



    • profile image

      7amo0odi 9 years ago

      YOU REALLY ROCK!!!!!

    • profile image

      7amo0odi 9 years ago

      it really works but it is really hard to do it, by the way thanks

    • profile image

      3abo0odi 9 years ago

      i tried it , it works btw thanks:D

    • profile image

      mohammed 9 years ago


    • profile image

      Motherfucker 9 years ago

      u suck like hell!

    • profile image

      [V]in cheese 9 years ago

      Great, super, wonderful stuff.

      I've finally found someone, who knows what PES 2008 gamers need.

    • profile image

      eetcarr 9 years ago

      This doesn't seem to work on ps2, what's with that?

    • profile image

      eetcarr 9 years ago

      Thank A moerse lot, this game is most fun you can have when there's no females around.

      (I'm married, when my wife's not with me, PRO EVO SOCCER 2008!)

    • profile image

      febia al Farabi 9 years ago

      good trick's i've been lookin' 4 it for 3 months

      thank's to who ever made this trick's available....

    • profile image

      milad 9 years ago

      please explane diving I can not do this

      how and when I should do this?

    • profile image

      amir 9 years ago

      please tell me where can i take a new ball in this game?

    • profile image

      Leonidas 9 years ago

      i like'it

    • profile image

      ELAD 9 years ago

      very nice tricks =]


    • profile image

      milosh 9 years ago

      This is so coll thanx man.

    • profile image

      Diogo 9 years ago

      does it work for ps2 too?

    • profile image 9 years ago

      U ROCK MAN! that really helps

    • profile image

      amar 9 years ago

      plz can u tell me tricks on ps2 plz i nedd to beet my brother i always lose

    • profile image

      Bum Egg 9 years ago

      Football is for puffs

    • profile image

      Fucker 2 9 years ago

      It is "It's" not "Is"

    • profile image

      Fucker 9 years ago

      Is Cristiano Ronaldo, not Christiano Ronaldo

    • profile image

      The Night 9 years ago

      thnx man specially for the nutmeg trick love making fool of my friends with that trick once angain thnx

    • profile image

      AxEl 9 years ago

      what's the button configuration?

    • profile image

      Michael 9 years ago

      Those tricks really help!


    • profile image

      avelas 10 years ago

      this tricks are for ps2????

      estes truques sao para a ps2????

    • profile image

      Avelas 10 years ago

      great tricks.

      i will try next time

    • profile image

      Micaitza 10 years ago

      could you put a printscreen with the settings menu with the buttons configuration? because in my game i have RB and RT not R1 or R2

    • profile image

      didi 10 years ago

      Can you tell me the tricks on ps2 too plz

    • profile image

      floky91 10 years ago

      great tricks , thnx very much for those infos . Really works !!! xD