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Play Station 2 Discontinued but Not Forgotten

Updated on January 16, 2013

It’s official, Sony has announced the discontinuation of the long lived Play Station 2. This is not to be taken as an entirely bad thing though. PS2 will rightfully takes its place in the video game hall of fame, as this console defined one of the original gamer generations. Just as Nintendo is now viewed as a cult icon, so to will the PS2 become a part of American culture that is ubiquitously embraced as a pioneer of the video game revolution. Perhaps one of the most played systems in history, the PS2 has provided humanity with over 10,000 games, and a measure of entertainment that was unparalleled at the time. The console may be discontinued, but its impact on gaming have forever changed the quality and value of all games to be made in the future. Now is the time to reflect back on some of the best moments we have had with the PS2, it’s time to pay homage our top 5 games.

My Top 5

Final Fantasy X, GTA San Andreas, Time Splitters 2, God of War 2, MOH European Assault

Runner Ups Top 5

Resident Evil 4, Call of Duty: Finest Hour, MGS 3 Snake Eater, Burnout: Takedown, Shadow of Colossus

Your Top 5

With the new wave of next generation consoles on the way, the PS2 is becoming a thing of the past at an increasingly fast rate. However, the PS2, has became nothing short of a legend, forever raising the bar and allowing people to realize the awe inspiring potential of video games. In an industry where technology exponentially increases and constantly outdates whatever came prior, the PS2 stood as an entertainment giant for nearly 13 years. Some of our fondest memories of complex stories, dynamic characters, consequential interactivity, and the beautiful graphics that complimented them all, were products of the Play Station 2, and the games that brought joy to millions. But all things must pass, and with the dawning of the Play Station 4 within a year, the PS2 will become less and less visible. However, I am so very happy to have been a child of the PS2 generation. I was there when it was born, I evolved as it did, and now, as I see the potential of video games in the future, I am proud to have been there as the PS2 paved the way for gaming culture.


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