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PS3: Killzone 2 Helghast Intel Locations Guide

Updated on April 14, 2011

Steal his secrets!

Killzone 2 Intel: Where is it?

At most points during Killzone 2 you may or may not have been like me: more concerned about losing my head to Helghast whilst trying to complete the missions, than trying to find all the intel!

Well. Thankfully for you I played through the game on easy afterwards with the sole purpose of finding the Killzone 2 intel locations, and here they are...

Mission 1 Intel: Corinth River, Phyurss

Intel 1: As you follow Garza in the Stahl Arms Warehouse you'll see him kick a sheet of metal. Swing to the left down the corridor after he's broken through it and the Intel is on the floor above some stairs.

Intel 2: Near the end of the level you will have to blast a damaged door open with explosives to reach the Verdran Overlook West. The intel is under a set of stairs towards the back of the room. 

Mission 2 Intel: Blood Meridian, Phyurss

Intel 1: Discretely hidden, and hard to find. When you go in to the building at Landing Zone 33, there will be many wooden pallets on the ground, the Intel you need is hiding sneakily behind them.

Intel 2: When you find the lift in Verudan Alley, hiding close to it in a small gap to the right is the Intel.

Intel 3: When you are going up stairs to the Cableway Rooftop, pause for a moment and before going up, inspect the area around the bottom of them. The Intel is in the corner of the stair-base.

Mission 3 Intel: Visari Square

Intel 1: When you are in the Malik Back Alleys keep an eye out for bookcases. Check between them for the first intel item.

Intel 2: At a certain time in the mission you'll be tasked with killing all Helghast in the area as your main objective, when complete follow Garza and Rico, where you'll find the Intel on the floor in a corner of the room.

Mission 4 Intel: Saluman District

Intel 1: After securing the zone above Helghast artillery number one, you'll find the the intel in the corner of a shed-like building on the floor.

Intel 2: When a Helghast soldier bursts through a wall, kill him and head through the hole. Intel 2 will be in the next room on top of a metal cart.

Intel 3: When you're planting charges on the four pillars to take the building down, look on top of a cart between two of the pillars for Intel 3.

Mission 5 Intel: Saluman Bridge

Intel 1: Upon going inside Radec Academy you'll go up a set of stairs and turn to the right. Intel 1 is next to a pillar.

Intel 2: Hard to miss this one! Once you've gone into Radec's office Intel 2 is on his desk.

Mission 6 Intel: Suljeva Village

Intel 1: Go over the first bridge and look to the left for the fan/turbine. Intel 1 resides on the sheet of metal at it's base.

Intel 2: Another one hard to miss, but easily done if you're not looking for it. When you need to open the door from another location, you'll enter the Maintenance Office. Intel 2 is to the left before you press the button.

Intel 3: When you're in Waystation 14, look in the corners for Intel 3.

Mission 7 Intel: Tharsis Refinery

Intel 1: Another Intel on a cart. Find the Control Center in the Processing Complex and you'll see Intel 1 on a cart.

Intel 2: When you're in a room with a large map on the wall, you are in the Transportation Control Room. Look on the table at the left of the room for Intel 2.

Mission 8 Intel: The Cruiser

Intel 1: Just one Intel in this mission. When you're near the XO hold and a set of stairs going down, look along the walls for the Intel at the bottom of a pillar.

Mission 9 Intel: Visari Palace

Intel 1: Hold your horses! Instead of going up a set of stairs to a group of Helghast towers, turn back to find Intel 1 close to the metal fence.

Intel 2: Just restocked on ammo? In a small room off the courtyard? Double-take next to the ammo table for the final Intel. Congratulations!

Ready for KZ3?


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