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Play Station 4 and Upgrades

Updated on March 14, 2015
PlayStation PS4
PlayStation PS4 | Source

Play Station Upgrades to the PS4

Two things all video gamers have in common are the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox. Will Sony be able to impact PS3 users enough to buy the upgraded PS4 version?

The latest versions of some popular games, such as Sly Cooper's return, will also be released. New games will include enhanced features, effects and updates.

PS4 PlayStation System

As Sony introduces the next console PS4, what will become of PlayStation Network (PSN) and the PS3? How will the style be upgraded to integrate the PS4?

Although many things remain a mystery, rumors are in the works that the PS4 may:

  • use both the AMD CPU and an AMD graphics card.
  • support 4K resolution (ultra HD) for the larger screens.
  • be more powerful than the Xbox 720.
  • include a redesigned controller.
  • offer 8GB of RAM.
  • have a share button on the controller for online videos and screenshots.
  • have a touchpad in the center of the controller.

PS4 compatible with PS3?

Sony's PlayStation was able to catch up to Microsoft's Xbox and added a few unique features as well. Looking back at the upgrade from the PS2 to PS3, it is possible the PS4 will not include the capability to play PS3 games. Sony may choose to keep the PS3 on the market to offer the lower price and to continue bringing in sales. The price to produce an upgrade compatible with the PS3 may be much higher than most game enthusiasts are able or willing to pay.

Most would likely agree they would rather forgo the compatibility feature if it causes the PS4 to be less dynamic in its capabilities. The possibility exist they may include software that allows games for the PS4 to be played on the PS3 system. However, many gamers are looking forward to experiencing an entirely new and different generation of advanced game playing.

Although patch downloads and updates are soon to be released, hopefully the syncing of the golden sticker trophies will be quicker, maybe by running automatically in the background. The console for the PS4 is anticipated to be more dynamic compared to the next Xbox.

Touch pad for PS4

The new controller for the PS4 will be comparable in size to the DualShock3. The buttons for select, start and PS however, is replaced with a small touchpad. The ability to take screenshots or to share video online at the press of a share button, is a new feature.

The last 15 minutes of play is recorded offering the option to edit and broadcast to others. Developers are content with the hardware and those who are in the know say the console is simple to work with.

Launching the PS4

Generally new game consoles are put on the market a week before Black Friday in mid-November. This not only gets the word out before Christmas, but also depletes the initial supply. Sony may, howeve, choose to launch their console before the Xbox which would move it up a few months earlier.

Some predict Japan to be on a similar schedule as the U.S. and a few months later, or even not until 2014, for the launch in Europe. The anticipated timing is by speculation only until announcements are made at the PlayStation press event on February 20.

Cloud gaming is predicted for the future with Sony presenting it first and Microsoft soon after. Because there is not a truly dominant platform, games that are exclusive to the console is one way to gain a competitive edge. Publishers will likely expect a significant increase in pay to produce games that play on only one system. The Xbox will likely produce more timed exclusives compared to the PS4, but they will continue to be produced for the PlayStation three and four as well.

Return of Sly Cooper; Thieves in Time for PS3

The richly illustrated, vibrant and humorous Sly Cooper setting is filled with a wide array of characters, unique personalities, interesting creatures and a variety of challenging missions.

Racing Games PGR

Two racer games are in the works for the PS4 under the supervision of Ged Talbot, the lead designer of Blur and a few PGR games. He is now a part of the group who designed the Motorstrom series. This new racer game is similar to PGR and they had intended on including it into the the Gran Turismo series, but we'll have to wait and see how that unfolds.

The unveiling of this game along with one by Guerrilla Games is anticipated at Sony's February 20, 2013 press event in New York. It is considered to be Europe's biggest racing game for the past ten years.

Ni no Kuni Level 5

The world of Ni no Kuni sprawls out widely and features a multitude of terrain with impressive elevation changes. Beautifully illustrated while traversing slopes and boulders through hidden villages finding items to battle over. Throughout the forty to sixty hours of play time, the challenge escalates having a capable learning curve. Getting caught up in the game and over-leveling may cause some to run in circles, but it gets tougher as the game progresses.

Strategy skills are called to the forefront about halfway through the story when new elements are introduced and attack and defense changes occur. The characters are believable, the soundtrack exhilarating and the visuals are impressive.

Monsters can be caught and turned into allies. Their levels raise when sent into battles and their stats improve when fed certain foods. A choice is offered to evolve when levels are reached, or to wait for a stronger evolution after evolving the monsters (Imajinns). The final phase of evolution brings more choices. There are decisions to make and a variety of possibilities throughout the game.

EDF 2025

The launch of Earth Defense Force 4 has been announced to take place around the holidays, 2013 in the U.S. available for Xbox, PS3 and PS Vita. EDF 4 offers a co-op online option of one to four players, a Titan tank, HU04 helicopter, motorcycle with a sidecar and a few evolved weapons to help vanquish the ants and spiders.

Full Frontal Assault QForce Patch 1.04 and Revisions

Modifications in some weapons and defenses:

Warmonger rockets consist of three instead of five, matches begin with a maximum of two dopplebangers of which are now more easily damaged and Thundersmacks are less resilient to attack.

Additional improvements and changes to FFA:

  • The Custom game screen is clearer.
  • Cadets obtain notices along with penalties.
  • Solar flares hide the ratings of the opposition in the select screen of the lobby.
  • Having turned off options in Custom games, perks are no longer offered.
  • Although the surrender option is available, the penalties of QForce deserters have increased.
  • Repairs in various bug issues.

Planet Kerwan has received coordinates; node seven on Planet Ebaro needs to be approached with caution, and node one presents a shift for the Grungarian soldiers.

PlayStation and Xbox System Sales

Close to 14 million PlayStation 3 units sold during the 2011 fiscal year which was 400 thousand less compared to the previous fiscal year. Sony's total sales of the PS3 had reached 63.9 million. The PS2 sold 4.1 million units compared to 6.4 million the year before. By the spring of 2012, 67.2 million Xbox 360 consoles had been sold.

The number of PS3 games sold in the 2011 fiscal year reached 156.6 million, an 8.7 million increase from the 2010 fiscal year (April through March). A decline of almost 15 million PSP games were sold, and only half the number of PS2 games compared to the previous year. Up to March of 2012, 1.8 million units of PlayStation Vita were purchased compared to the 17.3 million 3DS handhelds by Nintendo. Sony is motivated to develop and strengthen the software and services for the Vita.

In Conclusion

This is mostly a speculative glimpse into the 2013 video game forecast for PlayStation. Most gamers are looking forward to the launching of the latest consoles which many conjecture will be by the end of this year. Additional information will be made available to the public after the PlayStation press event on February 20.

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