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PSP Vs DS: Part 3 of 3

Updated on March 11, 2011

The conclusion of my 3 part handheld battle ENDS NOW

    It has taken me some time to finish this hub collection, but now it is done. The battle between the sexy black Sony PSP and the new sleek white DS is about to come to an end. Who will win? Who will spend eternity in my desk drawer. Find out now. But if you haven't read the last time hubs, here are links to them

Part 1

Part 2

In my other two Hubs I talk about the pros of each and give them a letter grade. The PSP is the more expensive of the two but it has a lot more options and toys to play with. It's a multimedia machine rather then just a gaming handheld. It's high resolution LCD widescreen is perfect for playing games, watching movies, or just looking at pictures. It's ability to load music to it quicky via a USB cord makes it also nice when you want to just relax and listen to some tunes. The huge homebrew community also keeps things interesting by letting you put emulators on your PSP and playing Mario or Sonic instead of just PSP games. Also the web browser is a nice little feature with the ability to look at RSS feeds too. All these great options are taken down a little bit when you notice that it is $250 dollars or $199 if you get the one without the memory card and a few other much needed gadgets. Also they still get to come out with any games that make you want to just run out an buy it. So that is the conclusion of the PSP, a great all around media device with a high price tag. It looks really nice too, some even call 

    Moving on to the new Nintendo DS Lite we get a much smaller pricetag of $140 dollars. If you don't know, DS stands for Duel Screen. It opens up like a lap top and has two screen on each surface. The top screen is where most of the action happens and the lower screen acts as a playing surface but also it is touch sensative. That means when you play Nintendogs you can pet your dog, or when you are using the PicoChat feature that comes with the DS, you can draw pictures to another person with a DS rather then just typing words. It's a picture based message system with the ability to also use typing. Also there is a small mic built in that allows you to talk to your games. Sometimes you'll have to screen and shout to get your player to do something. Or like in the minigame in New Super Mario Bros, you have to blow on it so that the ballons holding Yoshi will rise to the platform. The DS reinvented gaming with the touch screen, it added such a natural feel that most people can just pick it up, and play. The games are what make the system so great. The simple and natural feeling keeps you going back for me. But with all this great gameplay you still wonder why it's so cheap. Well that's all it does, is play games. Although in July of 2006, they are releasing the web browser Opera that you can buy and browse the web on it as well. The only bad thing is that you can't use it as a MP3 player or any other source of media besides games. So there you have it, the DS lite with its small, white, sleek finish gives you great gameplay with a great price without all media uses as the PSP. 

    This is going to be a great slug fest. Both of these handhelds offer something that the other doesn't and pulls way ahead with their own inovation. I guess it's time to see the winner. And the winner is.........................well to be honest. I can't pick. I highly recommend both. If you are more of a simple gamer looking to play some simple games like Mario then maybe the DS is more for you. If you are someone like me and has to have all the cool stuff, then the PSP is probably something you'd like more. But like I said, just buy both, I did, and it's nice to have both because you get both great things in the palms of your hands. There's nothing like sitting on the toilet and playing Mario Kart, then getting into bed at night and letting your PSP just play a few songs to help you go to sleep. So there you have it, save up your 400 dollars and go buy yourself some handhelds, you deserve it. 




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      free psp games 

      11 years ago

      I'm for PSP Blender


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