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PUBG Quick Tip List, 30 tips in 60 seconds

Updated on October 24, 2018
Jowy2000 profile image

Sigbog has hundreds of hours on "PUBG" and cannot control his addiction. Please send help.

What else would you do while waiting to drop in PUBG?

Now that we can't fire guns aimlessly in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds while waiting for the game to start, it's a perfect time to learn some quick tips! The following list is packed full of goodies, some well known, some lesser known. With hundreds of hours on PUBG, I figured I'd share some of my experience. But let's be honest, who has time to read 3 different paragraphs about the childhood experiences of some guy had that led him to PUBG, the type of pizza he was eating while writing the article, only to find out his tip is that you should do the PUBG wiggle that almost everyone already knows about. No thanks. So here is a quick hit list of 30 tips you can read in 60 seconds! If you're unsure what I'm talking about, some of the tips have some added explanation.

PUBG Gear Damage Reduction

Damage reduction for helmets and vests in PUBG
Damage reduction for helmets and vests in PUBG

Tip Power List

  1. Add clip mods while reloading
    If you add an extended clip while reloading, you will end up with the extended clip size.
  2. Use shift to partial zoom while ADS
    Takes breath, but is roughly a 1.5x zoom.
  3. In teams, go barefoot to know who is who
  4. Use 2 energy drinks to increase move speed
  5. Wiggle when still so you don't get headshot
    The PUBG wiggle, don't stand still because you never know who is watching!
  6. Use smokes when you don't know where they are
    You can lose your enemy or potentially cut off an angle they have on you
  7. Boosting vehicles are louder
  8. Some ambient game noises sound like people
    Specifically people crawling on wood and buggies. It's annoying.
  9. Boats can run over swimmers
  10. Don't fight without level gear
    30% damage reduction at level 1 gear, 55% at level 3.
  11. Jumping punches hurt more
  12. Kar98k 1 hit KOs level 1/2 helmets & no vest
    It will not 1 hit a level 3 helmet, in fact ONLY the AWM can knock someone with a level 3 helmet in 1 shot.
  13. Kar98k bullet speed < m16 bullet speed, aim higher
  14. Water stops bullets
  15. Crate prices reset on Sunday
  16. Vests add item capacity
    Less than a backpack, but still meaningful early game.
  17. Plan new strategy for each circle
  18. Swimming is sometimes better than finding a boat
    Finding boats can be dangerous, swimming to Sosnovka Island isn't actually that bad.
  19. Swimming is faster under water
  20. Silencers also mask directionality
    You are both quieter and less pin pointable!
  21. Silencers are more effective on pistols/SMGs
  22. Compensator is great on the AK
  23. Verticle grip is better than angled grip
  24. Never jump unless it's into cover
  25. You can shoot to move or for cover fire, not just kill
    Shooting to add cover fire for an ally, or freaking out someone who doesn't know where you are so they make a desperate move
  26. Path from cover to cover, not straight
  27. Solo BP > Duo BP > team BP
    It's dumb, but points earned in team modes are reduced.
  28. In heal circle end-game, re-open the menu after taking damage
    Some games end with a healing circle because people won't show themselves, if you have the menu open at full hp, then take damage, sometimes it won't actually let you start a heal until you re-open the menu.
  29. Fly straight to where you want, then deep dive
    This tends to be the faster way to drop, you get a deep parachute at maximum speed so take advantage!
  30. Scan for distance enemies with a mouse flick, not slow panning
    It's easier to spot moving enemies if your screen is still, so flick from position to position rather than slow panning across the horizon.

A Few Extra Tips

  1. Use the mouse scroll wheel with 6x, 8x or 15x scopes to reduce zoom
    I honestly didn't know this for a shamefully long time...
  2. Healing won't get cancelled in the last 0.5 seconds
  3. Guns with tripods have very little recoil when prone
  4. Pills heal 40 hp / Energy drinks heal 23 hp / Syringe heals 83 hp

Have you found this helpful?

Hope these tips help you land more chicken dinners! Some may not be entirely clear without clarification so feel free to leave a question! If I've missed something also let me know and I can add it in or make a 2nd list!


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