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Painting, Design Helps Bird Houses to be Seen—Possibly Sold

Updated on July 2, 2020
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I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

The right paint and design scheme can give your bird house more valuable.
The right paint and design scheme can give your bird house more valuable. | Source

Let Us Make Believe For a Moment

that you have begun a sideline for building birdhouses for others. You work your head off and then when customers see your finished work, the response is nominal. Then you beat yourself up and ask was it the way that I presented my birdhouses or what? After a short while of mulling your dilemma over, it hits you. Appearance of my birdhouses make all of the difference in a half-finished or completed birdhouse.

There You Sit Staring

at a great-looking birdhouse that your best customer has ordered, but when he hands-over the price that you quoted, he, (the customer) is apprehensive when you hand him a birdhouse, one of your best projects. But like in the above paragraph when you are able to see the mundane look of your birdhouse, now your customer sees the proof right before his and your eyes. There’s no question about it. Time to study-up on the easy-but-valuable ways that you can “doll-up” your birdhouses and make them easy to sell.

The problem may not mean that your bird house design is in trouble, it could be that you have designed a close-knit birdhouse and that simply means that the looks of your bird house is not living-out and hanging-on to those people where you are exhibiting your bird houses, so look back at your designs and with a little curve here and angle there, your entire bird house is a new creature.

Always use the right tool for the right job.
Always use the right tool for the right job. | Source

Choice of Lumbers

is probably the wisest move that a birdhouse engineer can make starting out. If you are into building the Blue Bird, then you will look for a light wood such as Spruce, Yellow Pine that is sold in various sizes, but I advise you to buy the 1s4 size. It’s easy to work with and you can create a good design without your lumber being so heavy. I have built bird houses that I knew the wrong size lumber was in play, but my judgment was wrong. The birdhouses that were built with Oak lumber were heavier than the Spruce and Pine because Oak lumber has strict, solid fibers that run very close together whereas the pine lumber, especially with 1x4 will serve to help you build a better bird house thus making you a happy bird house builder.

When you Start Painting

your birdhouse, you first look at how your birdhouse is built and the paint scheme can be as easy as matching what type of paint and color looks best on the outside and what color does not. Remember. A loud, explosive outside paint can deter many species of bird life. Jay birds for instance do not like to build a birdhouse that has loud paint because the Jay bird is intelligent enough to know that snakes, the sworn enemy of birds, especially the Jay birds, can locate their prey easily than a paint that is somehow attractive, but does not act-out looking for attention.

Another thing that you might keep in mind is when you paint the larger places on the outside of your birdhouse is to take gentle strokes and never use more than one coat of paint. A combination of heavy lumber and three coats of paint will end-up you having a tough day installing it and just praying that a customer will buy it.

You need to always keep a good brand of wood glue in stock before you build your first bird house. Taking inventory of your supplies each week will pay-off in the long-run. Just trust me. Using a brand-name of wood glue makes sense in the long run.

A good design move is when your bird house is finished, painting and all, you can use those small slices of lumber to accent the roof edges such as in a human home. This is all up to you because you are a bird house engineer.

July 1, 2020________________________________________________

Balsaa is the wood that a lot of bird house builders use when building a maser piece.
Balsaa is the wood that a lot of bird house builders use when building a maser piece. | Source

© 2020 Kenneth Avery


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