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Paper Mario: Tips and Tricks

Updated on January 17, 2013

Paper Mario is not only one of my favorite nintendo 64 games but, is also my one my favorite overall games. I have played through it many different times learning many different tips and tricks for fun and to help beat the game. I will cover some of the more basic tips that are easy to do. So hopefully you can break out your old nintendo 64 and try these out.

Cannon leveling trick

In Paper Mario you can encounter cannons in the Koopa bros castle and also in Bower's castle as well. The only attack the cannons have are to shoot bullet bills. Then, on the next move, the bullet bills attack, unless you eliminate them before they attack. Defeating the bullet bills will give you a few star points for each defeat, and both can be eliminated in one turn, allowing the cannons to shoot out more for the next turn. This usually grants me 2-6 star points every turn and can be done very quickly so you can earn star points quickly. So, using this method you can get 100 star points, granting you a level up, every time you get into a battle with the cannons. This can be extremely helpful for level ups before you have to fight the final boss Bowser.

Get caught as koopatrol

While playing as Princess Peach, and after completing chapter 5, Peach must compete in a game show before you can continue the game. It doesn't matter if you win or not but at the end you will receive the sneaky parasol which allows you to transform into others in the castle. This item is used in chapter six to advance in the game but, it can also be used in a glitch you can preform. To do this you must take out the sneaky parasol and sneak out of the room, using the fireplace and head over to any koopatrol in the room. Stand just outside of their flashlight range then walk into the light and shoot the sneaky parasol at them at the same time. If done correctly you will find that you are caught but, not as peach, but as a koopatrol! You will then be picked up as usual then thrown back into your room, all the while as a koopatrol..

Enter Peach's room as Mario

This one is very simple to do and can be done at the very begging of the game as well. All that you have to do is enter the castle at the begging of the game during the party Peach hosts. Head to Princess Peach's room where a guard stands in front of the door. Talking to the guard will lead to him telling you that you may not enter the room. However, if you persist and continue to talk to him, he will eventually allow you to enter. You are then free to explore around Peach's room. .

Classic Mario

In Boo's Mansion, at the beginning of chapter three, you are able to find an easter egg. A room on the second floor of the mansion appears to be empty besides for a few boxes and a giant pot. Jumping up these boxes will allow for you to jump into the giant pot and allows you to turn into an eight bit Mario. Classic Mario music plays and you are able run and jump around the room but, when you leave the room you turn back into the paper version of Mario.


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