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Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door: Drop Tasks for Free

Updated on April 5, 2015

The player selecting a task

How to drop tasks for free

Paper mario the thousand year door is a great game that I've found fun to play, and playing through once again I found an interesting secret that can be very helpful. In Rougeport two sections to the left there is a task center where which you can take on tasks from anyone of the in game charecters who lists a task which can be anything from getting them an item or getting them to remember something. And they can be located anywhere in the paper mario world from Twilight Town to Keelhaul key islands. I would take on many tasks that I didn't want to complete or couldn't complete and droping them for 100 coins each was costing a fortune and I couldn't try other tasks. However their is a way to drop the task for free, to do this go outside the task center, and go in between the building it's next to it should be to the right, their should be a small crack. You can go paper thin by holding the L button then slide your way to the area behind the store and take out Flurrie and use her ability to blow on the back of the task center. It will reveal a door that leads to a secret room which you then can go through. Next, talk to the person in the room and they will drop your task for free. So now you can take more tasks and attempt other tasks without going bankrupt and having to stop and backtrack, searching for coins.


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