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Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices Review

Updated on November 28, 2012

The AR Drone

So What Actually is Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter.....

The Parrot AR Drone is considered as a great product because of its Excellent Product Features. Anyway, for those people who are looking for something new? Why don't they try the first quadricopter which is controlled by ipad, iphone or even ipod touch? Well, it is great to experience new things by new and advanced technology.

By the way, this article will introduce the first quadricopter which is popularly called parrot ar drone. Actually, this drone quadricopter is introduced by parrot technology. In fact, parrot ar drone is the newest launched product of drone quadricopter which you can easily control by using ipad, ipod touch, or even iphone

Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter From Amazon.....

The Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing The Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter......

As a matter of fact, this drone quadricopter is the best groundbreaking device. In fact, this device is combined with the world’s best technology and the argument reality, video gaming, and even the modelling are included to this device. For many people who loved new technologies, they actually preferred this device to have more advantages in its uses. But wait, what are the uses of this device? Well, indeed, this device has featured various sensors such as ultrasound altimeter, vertical camera, and it also has a front camera. In the first and last look, you will find this device amazing. Why? Think of it. Have you seen a device which is like a helicopter and has a vertical and frontal camera on it? It is incredible to have one.

Another amazing thing in this drone quadricopter is that you can also use this in video gaming. When you and your friend play this device you can play dogfight which is commonly called as ar.flyingace. Actually, aside from paying it, you can use it as a flying spy because besides from flying, it has cameras which you can control and clearly see in your ipad. This is a sign of successful device with advanced quality of technology. This device spread a wide appreciation of parrot technology to the public and spread popularity around the world. Another best thing that this device brought is that you can enjoy your leisure time playing this very good device.

The Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter Official Video.....

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The Photos of AR Drone

Let's Have a Closer Look at All the Features, Pros and Cons of The Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter.....

Product Features

Well, aside from those details above, it is also necessary to know about some features of this device. Actually, the features of this device contributed a big part of its technology. It is really very important to know the features of this product so that you can decide if this product reaches your standard in choosing a device or item. After you know the features of a specific device, you can assure that you will purchase a good product of technology. Anyway, here are some features of this product so that you can decide for choosing the best product:

  1. Controllable with your ipad, ipod touch, and iphone
  2. It has high- technology sensors
  3. It has outdoor and indoor hulls
  4. It is durable and you can easily repair it.
  5. It has free piloting application.
  6. It has front and vertical camera
  7. It has altimeter

Those features above which are mentioned contributed a big part of the best technology that this item brings. Actually, now that you know several features, you can decide whether you will get this device or not. If you decided to purchase this product, you are ensured that you are having the best advanced technology in the world.


When buying a device and before deciding to get one, it is necessary to know the advantages you may get. Actually, there are many advantages you can get if ever you purchase this product. It is a fact that the ar drone is the first controllable quadricopter in the world. Although there are some quadricopter in the market, you can still take advantage with this parrot drone quadricopter because of its being controllable. If you ever purchased this device, you have surely made the right decision because of the advantages you have.


Alright, after knowing the promising advantages of this groundbreaking device, you cannot deny the fact that these devices also have disadvantages. Actually, knowing the disadvantages can truly help you on deciding whether you will pursue buying the device or not. Like other high quality products, this device is quite expensive. But those who purchased this product are having the most advanced technological device and you cannot regret the best services it gives.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Actually, many customers already viewed the review of this product. In fact, 147 customers viewed it and they give a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. These reviews are the appreciation of the customers.


For those people who are looking some one of o kind or unique high-technological device, it is you chance to grab and have the opportunity of having the device with highly advanced technology in the world.

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