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Pchan3's Steampunk Airship Minecraft Mod | Minecraft Flying Machines

Updated on March 27, 2011
Airship with Glimmar's HD Steampunk textures. For more Minecraft mods and textures, visit:
Airship with Glimmar's HD Steampunk textures. For more Minecraft mods and textures, visit: | Source

I am coasting through the skies suspended under a balloon, controlling my fate with a rudder. Am I a bird? No! Am I plane? No! Am I a Steampunk Airship? No, but I am inside one!

This mod is rather like the Minecraft Planes mod, except instead of flying a plane you fly in a Steampunk Airship. Why bother with the Airship mod when you can just fly a plane? If you need to ask that question, then you should promptly remove yourself from the room and give yourself a good beating.

How To Make A Minecraft Airship

Once installed, this mod grants you the ability to build magnificent flying machines. Fortunately for those of us who like to gather all our resources by hand, the cost of creating one's very own Steampunk Airship is not all that high. One will need eight pieces of leather, (so you must be prepared to sacrifice at least four cows in the pursuit of flight). Eight iron ingots are also necessary for the engines, in addition to a stone furnace. Because the airship has two engines, that means you'll need to go ahead and get yourself 16 iron ingots and two stone furnaces. Of course, by the time you mine out enough ore to create 16 ingots, you'll have enough stone for a hundred furnaces, am I right? Sadly yes.

You'll also need to collect enough wood to create a chest and a boat, but that's a step so mindlessly easy I almost feel like I'm insulting you by mentioning it.

The only potentially challenging materials needed for the creation of this steampunk wonder are four pieces of string. This means you will have to be intrepid and hunt spiders at night. Or you can just INVedit all this stuff in and save yourself a spider in your face. Seriously those things go right for your eyes. It's creepy.

Once you have your engines and your leather balloon, you assemble all the components on the crafting grid as follows. On the top line, string, then the baloon, then string. On the second line, an engine, then a chest, then another engine. On the third line you will need some string, a boat and some more string.

Installation and Compatibility

The Steampunk Airship mod works well with life. By that I mean, if you're alive, you'll probably enjoy it. The mod is Mod Loader v4 compatible, although it is claimed by the wise ones that it should work with Mod Loader v5. Let's face it though, once you start adding mods on top of mods it's only a matter of time before you get a black screen or your minecraft save files melt, so I'd advise starting with a fresh install and using Mod Loader v4. If you don't want to be as cautious as all that, then I raise my top hat to you and wish you the best.

Download the Steampunk Airship Mod


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