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Perfecting the art of the mass dragon attack strategy in clash of clans clan war

Updated on January 16, 2015

Mass Dragons

Take your attacks to the next level
Take your attacks to the next level | Source

What is needed for a great attack

You have decided to make the transition to town hall 7 or 8, and if you have decided to join a clan you will have to do your part in the battle. To win in war everyone must do their part to win and get the ever important war bonus loot. To make this possible you need an attack strategy that will work against 90% of the bases that you will come across in war. With the nerf of hog riders and the lack of more powerful troops will lead you to the use of dragons. A good dragon attack can get you 1 or 2 stars in war, but a great attack will lead to the ever impressive 3 stars. In this guide you will learn which bases to attack, where to deploy your troops, which spells to use, and what troops to use in your clan castle.

Watch the Mass Dragon strategy in action

Where to deploy your dragons

At the town hall 7 level the deployment of your dragons is not much of a problem. Because town hall bases only have one air defense to protect them they are easy three stars. You can spawn them up from one spot, but the preferred method is to deploy them in a line starting from the corners of the base and moving inward. If you have a barbarian king you should put him down first on one corner, another dragon on the other to handle any building outside of the base. This is very important as you move up to town hall 8 and 9. At those levels many bases are spread in an attempt to spread out your dragons and pick them off one by one. The idea is to get the majority of your dragons to attack the core of the base and the town hall.

What do you use?

Which spells do you use?

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Which spells to use

There are several variations as to the spell that can be used in a mass dragon attack but there are three that are the most effective. We will break them down by town hall level. At town hall 7 and 8 you have three spells to use in battle, while at town hall 9 you will have 4 spells. In town hall 7 you should use one of the following: 3 lighting spells, 3 rage spells or 1 heal spell and 2 rage spells. These should also be used at the town hall 8 level as well. With each spell variation there is a different way to use them on or with your dragons. Do not be fooled, good or bad spell placement can be the difference in the number of stars you get in your attack.

When using three lighting spells the attempt is to destroy one of the enemy air defenses. At town hall 7 this is very important due to the fact that there are only two air defenses available. With only one of them left your dragons are almost impossible to stop. Attacking at town hall 8 with this need a bit more work. With three air defenses, taking out one of them helps but is not enough to secure victory. Many who use this also bring hog riders or balloons in their clan castle to take out the other air defense.

The use of three rage spells is one of the most common ways mass dragon attacks are used. The idea is to drop the rage spell on them when they are as close as possible, covering as many as can be. The rage spell speeds up the dragon’s destruction which is very important. The best use is to attack areas closest to the enemy’s air defense and rage them when close. You will want to keep the dragons cover by the spell for as long as possible. While this strategy works well against many bases, those which are wide spread or have good air defenses may be able to take you out if you unable to destroy the town hall or air defense in time.

Perhaps the most effective if used correctly is the 1 heal and 2 rage spells strategy. The idea is to rage your dragons to get them to the core of the base, drop a heal spell to cover the middle and protect dragons, and then rage them again. High level air defenses will still be able to inflict damage on your dragons but the others will still be able to get healed. Because there are many defensive structures near the town hall dropping your last rage spell will end the battle quickly.

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What troops to use in your clan castle

In my opinion there are only three types of troops that should be used in a mass dragon attack. These are maxed hog riders, max balloons, or another dragon. So let’s break down how they can help you.

The hog riders work well to take out the enemies defensive building most importantly an air defense which is close to a wall. As with a hog raid you will need to beware of giant bombs and clan castle troops. The most effective way to use them is to deploy them during the middle of the battle, while your dragons are taking out the enemy’s clan castle troops. They can sneak in and destroy air defenses. This same strategy can be used when deploying your balloons. You can also use another dragon as an added punch in the fight.


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