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Free Software Review of Perfect World International

Updated on July 16, 2018
Perfect World International is a free to play MMORPG
Perfect World International is a free to play MMORPG

Game basics and History

Perfect world international is a free to play MMORPG. Unlike many free to play games. Perfect world has a very large and expansive gaming system. With many of the features and quality you would expect from the pay-to-play games that are on the market.

Perfect world international is not a new game. It has been in the American market since around August of 2008. But it was originally a game released in Beijing in 2005. And although it is not the exact same game as the original. Its basic roots do come from the Beijing version.

Since PWI was released, there have been three major expansions. The original was The Lost Empire. Followed by Age of Spirits, and then the current expansion, The Rising Tide.

Up until the most current expansion, the character choices consisted of, Human race, which had a Wizard class and a Blademaster class, the Elven race, which had the Archer class, and the Cleric class, and the Untamed race, consisting of the Barbarian class, and Venomancer class. With the latest expansion, a new race was introduced, called the Tideborn, and with them, two new classes, the Psychic, and the Assassin. This gives every race a Physical based character and a magical based character.

Game play consists of lots and lots of quests, which reaches well into the thousands. Most quests are solo-able, but you can squad with people for many of them just to make the game play a little more enjoyable. And at certain intervals are Major quests, which require a full squad of higher leveled characters in order to complete. Often call FB's, they stand for Fuben, which is Chinese for Dungeon. At the end of your FB, you will have to defeat a Major boss type for mob to complete your requirements.

This is me, BashUsillY
This is me, BashUsillY

Other aspects of the game

  1. Cash Shop, The cash shop is what makes this game free to play, this is where the producers make their money, you can purchase additional items for the game through the cash shop for real money. Items like riding mounts, Life charms, Magic charms, Fashion clothing, and materials. None of these items are required to play the game, but do make the game more enjoyable. For those who do not want to spend real money, you can often find these Items in the Auction house, you can also purchase real money with in game money through the auction house. It can be rather costly, but it eliminates the need to actually invest real money into the game
  2. Marriage System, The marriage system allows two characters of opposite sex to marry, this opens up special quests for the couple, along with a bunch of gifts from the marriage itself. your spouses name is then added over your own name. You have to purchase the marriage pack from the Cash shop or from someone in the auction house.
  3. Faction/Guild System, Anyone in Perfect world can start their own faction. Once you reach level 20 you can speak to the Faction Supervisor and give him 100,000 coins to start your own faction. This gives you the chance to always have people to talk to and play with. It also opens up the chance for you to participate in Territory wars.
  4. Territory wars are a war between factions in PvP style for control over certain land in the game. I have never participated in a territory war but I believe it gives you free teleportation to the city that is controlled by your faction. Faction place bids to participate in territory wars, and is usually controlled by the larger factions on any particular server.

Barbarian with Xeno's Sledgehammer
Barbarian with Xeno's Sledgehammer


I think Perfect world International is a great game. It is easy to play. There are a lot of people playing. And it is well worth the FREE pricetag it carries. I think anyone who plays MMORPG's should give this one a try. And anyone who may not have played them yet but has been thinking about it, I would also recommend this one to. It is a fun and graphically pleasing game. With lots to do. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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