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Perks in COD Black Ops 3 - Multiplayer

Updated on September 2, 2015
Perks can help you earn Score Streaks faster or protect you from them.
Perks can help you earn Score Streaks faster or protect you from them. | Source

The newest addition to the Call of Duty: Blacks Ops family brings many familiar Perks along with a few new additions. Perks can effect many aspects of a player; such as sounds, score, ability, and firepower. Many of the Perks compliment Specialists, enhancing their abilities.

There are three slots available for perks in the loadout custimization menu. The are labeled Perk 1, Perk 2, and Perk 3. Each slot has 6 choices, of which one Perk can be selected, this can be increased to 2 by use of a Wild Card.

This guide will list each perk by the section in which it is found, followed by a brief description, and then a list of tips. The tips will include which specialists, weapons, and game modes work will with these perks.

Note: This guide is based of the Beta version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. There may be changes and additions with the release of the finished version.

Perk 1

The icons for the perks in this section are blue. When a new game is started, Afterburner will already be unlocked and available for use. The rest become available at higher levels and a token will need to be used in order to unlock them.


Blind Eye

Blind Eye makes the player undetectable by enemy air support. This includes air borne Score Streaks such as Hellstorm Missiles. This Perk works the same as it did in Black Ops 2.


  • You are not immune to air support, stay clear of team members that may not be using Blind Eye when enemy air support is active.
  • This perk can benefit every Specialist, but may be vital to Spectre.



Thrusters are new to Black Ops. They allow the player to jump higher, stay in the air longer, and land softer. However, they need to recharge after being used. Afterburner offers a faster recharge rate, allowing the player to spend more time in the air.


  • Using your thrusters makes a distinct sound and causes a player to appear on the mini-map. Coupling this perk with the Blast Suppressor in slot three can lessen this disadvantage.
  • This Perk works well with the Ruin Specialist and when using the Overdrive ability can allow quicker air movements for a longer period of time.

Sixth Sense

This perk displays a mini-map indicator with the direction of nearby enemies. It was not available in Black Ops 1 or 2.


  • This can be useful for players that are not using surround sound headphones.

The yellow symbol with three lines indicates that this can be unlocked by using a token.
The yellow symbol with three lines indicates that this can be unlocked by using a token. | Source

Flak Jacket

One of the more traditional and useful perks. Wearing the Flak Jacket will lessen the damage taken by explosives and fire.


  • Flak Jacket is vital when playing Demolition.
  • Equipping the Flak Jacket when using the Kinetic Armor ability of the Battery Specialist will lesson one of the weaknesses of the Kinetic Armor.



This will make you undetectable by enemy UAVs, but only while you are moving, planting bombs, or controlling Score Streaks.

  • This perk is vital when using the Active Camo ability with the Spectre Specialist.



Overclock is another new addition to Black Ops, allowing the player to earn their Specialist Weapon or Ability quicker.

  • It takes longer to Earn Special Weapons then Abilities. Use this Perk when using a specialist weapon in order to make use of this weapon more than a couple of times each game.

Perk 2

The perk logo's are green in this section, and Fast Hands will be usable from the beginning of the game.


Fast Hands

This perk will allow you to switch weapons faster, aim you gun faster, and reset the fuse when throwing Frag Grenades back to the enemy.

  • This perk can be important when using a sniper rifle, allowing the player to quickly switch to their secondary weapon when an enemy is close.
  • Fast hands makes Ruin switch weapons and aim at record speed when using the Overdrive ability.


Ante Up

This perk gives you a head-start on your Score-Streaks, allowing you to spawn into the game with points already on the board.

  • Use this perk with the Combat Focus ability when using the Seraph Specialist in order to speed towards your high Score Streaks.


Hard Wired

This perk keeps your equipment working and even lessens some enemy equipment. First, it makes you immune to the Counter-UAV and Power Core Score Streak, along with the EMP and Smoke Screen Grenades. You will not triger proximity based tactical or lethal equipment, and it will reduce your digital imprint against enemy Tracker and Sixth Sense Perks.

  • This perk is important when relying on weapons with power driven sights and when using stealth.



This perk will allow you to literally see the footprints of enemies that were recently in your area. The footprints will be less apparent when the enemy is using the previously mentioned Hard Wired Perk.


Cold Blooded

Prevents land-based AI Score Streaks from targeting the player. This also makes it so the player does not appear on Thermal Optics.

  • When using the Active Camo ability you will still show up on Thermal Optics if not using this perk.

The transparent lock symbol indicates that a high enough level to unlock this perk has not yet been reached.
The transparent lock symbol indicates that a high enough level to unlock this perk has not yet been reached. | Source


Scavenger allows the player to pick up dropped ammo and grenades. It has been available in every Black Ops game.

  • This perk is useful for players that often outlive their ammo.


The third and last perk slot has red icons. The player will start the game with the Gung-Ho perk unlocked and ready to use.



This perk allows you to be more lethal while in full sprint. Using this perk will allow you to throw grenades, use equipment, and hip-fire your weapon while sprinting.

  • Use this perk with the Overdrive ability in order to be a faster lethal killer.
  • This perk works well on small high-action maps.


Blast Suppressor

This new perk will allow you to use your thrusters without appearing on the mini-map and will less noise.

  • This perk is helpful when taking a stealthy approach.
  • I recommend using this perk when also using the Afterburner perk from slot 1.



Awareness was introduced in Black Ops 2. It amplifies the noises made by enemy movements.

  • This perk is very useful when using surround sound headphones.


Tactical Mask

This is another traditional and useful perk. Tactical Mask reduces the effects of Shock Charges, Flashbangs, and Concussion grenades.

  • This perk is vital when playing demolition or Hard Point game modes.
  • It is also very useful on small high action maps.



This makes enemy equipment and Score Streaks visible. It also allows the player to booby trap enemy Care Packages after stealing the Score Streak inside.

  • This perk can be very useful in Domination and Capture the Flag game modes.


Dead Silence

Dead silence causes your movements to make less noise, making it hard for enemies to hear you coming.

  • Using this perk in combination with the Active Camo ability will allow you to not only be invisible, but make no noise while moving.

Vital Perks

Out of the perks listed below, which would you consider the most vital?

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