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Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzles - Capturing the Good Times To Remember the Past

Updated on October 10, 2010

Unique Way of Delivering Messages

Personalized puzzles are a unique way of getting your message across to your friends, family, spouse, customers or classmates. This centuries old pastime is slowly regaining popularity as more and more people once again have a yearning to get back to basics.

It has become increasingly more difficult to come up with a unique and personal gift, whether the purpose of the gift is to commemorate a special occasion, to convey a special message or just for your own relaxation. Custom puzzles can be used for invitations, as a means of launching a new product or as an ideal gift to thank someone for a special day or vacation.

Some men have been really creative and used a personalized puzzle for their marriage proposal. Can you imagine the joy and surprise of the bride-to-be when completing a photo puzzle of the couple carrying the marriage proposal on the puzzle? What a unique way to propose and a gift to be treasured forever.

Another memorable use for personalized puzzles is to have a photo collage puzzle made using photos of all the guests at a special occasion. Each guest can then be given a puzzle piece together with their invitation and requested to bring the piece to the gathering. On arrival the guests are then requested to sign the back of the puzzle piece and assemble the piece. This can be used for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, sports club meetings, reunions, product launchings and retirements, to name a few. Personalized puzzles can assist in making these events unforgettable and can serve both as a gift and a guest book.

Great Gift Ideas

A great gift for someone recuperating after major surgery is to have a custom puzzle made for the patient bearing a "get well" message. This will offer them something to help pass the time while they are incapacitated and be a constant reminder of your well wishes. The therapeutic value of puzzles is well recognised and building puzzles can help to stave off boredom and depression that is commonly experienced after a physical setback.

If you are wondering what to give your son or daughter when they leave for that ever-popular year overseas, maybe you should consider a photo collage puzzle of their family and friends. One can only imagine what a source of comfort and joy the puzzle will give them when they are all alone and far from friends and family.

A puzzle makes a great retirement gift idea. A good idea is to make use of a digital camera and to take photos of all the staff and then to include photos of any special places or events that are particularly meaningful to the person retiring. The effort to collect all the photos is worth it for the surprise and enjoyment that the end Photo Collage can bring. A special message can be incorporated into the puzzle making it even more meaningful and unique.

Universally Appeals to All Ages

Are you still pondering on what to get your partner for that very special wedding anniversary? Maybe you have decided on taking your spouse on a second honeymoon but have not quite decided on how to present the gift. Surprise your spouse by giving a personalized puzzle using photos of your life together and incorporating a message that will reveal the gift. This gift will bring back happy memories and will be a gift to treasure for life.

Personalized puzzles make a unique and personal gift and have the capabilities of capturing memories of people, places and events. They provide hours of fun and enjoyment while revisiting special times, people and events and provide a keepsake that can be preserved and rebuilt whenever the urge arises or can be framed and used as a wall decoration.

There are very few people, irrespective of their age, colour or creed that will not find an occasion that a personalized puzzle will help to make more personal, more memorable and definitely more unique.

Grandparent's Building Photo Puzzle of Grandson


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