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Picking a Character

Updated on June 19, 2013

New Game!

w00t! It's time to crank it up. We have just bought the latest and greatest game on earth. For this blogs sake we are calling this totally awesome game, Ashleign's World!

Ashleign's World Is the latest and greatest RPG game, with features from all the old RPG Online games.

But.. Like many other gamers out there.. I am stuck on the Character Creation Page.. Because I have no idea what I would like to play first.

Let's Start, by choosing a player name.

Now, player names have degraded over the years from something totally epic, to internet memes. Including but not limited to: Leeroy Jenkins, Honey Boo Boo, Chuck Norris.. etc.

Variations of these names will happen as well, as the original was already taken by another tool in the game.

Some people will actually name their character after something laying on their computer desk for instance: Mouse or Keyboard, Coke Bottle, wadded up tissue paper, lotion, women's fitness magazine.

You do NOT, have to fall into this generalized bucket of toolery. You, are different, and special.

I am going to help you name your character, with a little bit of class, added with a few techniques.

Funny names will help you either to show your fellow future guildies or future friends that you aren't such an A-Hole after all, rather, that you are a class clown deep down. Being funny is okay.. You will need class though. No serious raiding guild, or serious group of people are going to like running around with a guy named "Turdball."

Here are some funny names I have thought up, using the SnowBalling Technique.

  1. LegYanker
  2. Middlefingurizing
  3. Mercoxerfloppern

The Snowballing Technique.

Take any phrase for example, I am going to the bank. Use Just got my braces speak,

Ermagheringterderbernk, Ermagherterderbernk, Ermagherderbernk.

Snowballing is the act of building and building to that final one that either is or isn't taken.

DO NOT USE Funny Characters, For example Ô or Φ, Most people do not know the codes to type in these characters, and if your game doesn't have a shift-click select for names, this will almost insure you will not get to join a serious guild. Plus, you are a tool for trying to cheat the naming system. Be original.

Guarantee, if you have not made it by launch time, your funny internet meme name is taken already.

If you know the game is coming out soon. Start to think of names for your toons. This is what I call the Ashleign has no signs of a life anytime soon Technique.

If the latest sensation of online gaming is coming out, you have no time for a life, you need to get serious, get your priorities straight, quit your job, and take the time off to think of a name. You deserve that. You have been waiting for this game a long time.

Seriously.. Don't do that.. Take all games in Moderation. I don't want to be responsible for your kids not being able to afford lunch, because you quit your job to play a game.

We have finally chosen a name. We have gone with Ashleign.

Now what kind of character do we make?

Well that really depends on the game we are playing right?

If you are anything like me, you have picked a game that has something that you liked in a previous game, but doesn't have the tons of BS that the previous game had. For Instance, whiny little brats.

I choose a character 9 times out of 10, that is the exact opposite of myself. For example a rogue, or a thief. I always liked the idea of becoming a criminal, but I am too big of a baby myself to end up in prison.

So you need to choose for yourself what or how you want to play.

This can get Complicated. You don't want to be a ranged DPS, because most of the dungeons require hand to hand, You don't want to be a hand to hand because most of the fights require ranged DPS.. What should we do?

Give Up.. Become a gold goblin :) I don't care about fighting in games. I choose a character with the most mobility, and casual perks. Quite frankly because making money is the real challenge.

Taking control of a player market, is the most rewarding aspect out there. Sure others may get to experience end game material, they may get to down the hardest boss in the game on the first try. Seriously though, who can remember 3 expansions ago, who was the first to down the flying spaghetti monster on heroic mode of the pasta feast? No one that's who. Because no one gives a crap.

Who can remember who was the top money making gold goblin 3 expansions ago? My bank account knows. All of my guild mates know. And guess what? I still am.

Gold Goblin Classes to look for:

  • Classes with Morphing capabilities
  • Races and Classes with special gathering abilities
  • Classes with extra starting gold or extra skills
  • Classes with additional tech trees
  • Classes with special profession abilities

DPS Classes are a dime a dozen, pick what you like, play what you like.

It all falls down to what you as a character wants to achieve, whether it be role play, or gold goblin hood, or being one of those gear score ninjanerds.

I am just saying, not judging.

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to share with you some thoughts I had running through my head this morning.. Like me for the material, follow me if you wish, at least gimme a like for the totally awesome fake portrait I made..


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