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Pimp My Ride Games

Updated on May 25, 2010

What is Pimp My Ride?

 "Pimp My Ride" was a television show on MTV in which they take a car in really bad shape and make it pretty again. They also make it highly customized toward the driver. So that, by the end of the show, they have a personal "ride" they can go around pimpin in, or whatever else they plan on doing.

Pimp My Ride is possibly MTV's most popular show worldwide. It may not get as many viewers as Real World, but nobody outside of US couches cares about Real World. Young people can be found pimping thier rides in Singapore and India. Not just Akron. You can watch the show in the MIddle East every weekday on MBC Action

Activision made a video game version of the show which was released in 2006 on every console. It is a simulation game as well as a cult racing game. Although the reviews were horrible, IGN rated it 2.2 out of 10, fans love to play the game.

MTV Ride Primer

The MTV Ride Primer is the quickest way to get into the action, if all you really want to do is pimp your ride... RIGHT NOW! First, you choose the body style and size of the car. Then you start getting creative in your pimping approach. Do you want to give the car screaming wheels? Perhaps you should paint it blue, with a deathly skull on the hood. Change the scene and see how it looks.

What are you waiting for?

Play the MTV Ride Primer.

(If Crowd Magnet Pimp Riding is your thing, go to the Crowd Magnet Version)

Different Types of Rides to Pimp

It's not all about that loaded Pinto or rusty Jaguar you are updating.

  • Pimp My Bike- For you motorcyclists who want to do some serious ride pimping
  • Create a Ride- This game lets you create a ride from the ground up. Pimp style! Maybe you could place a jammin frame behind a fly engine.
  • Pimp My Mustang- How many ways can you change Ford Motors' coolest ride? Find out with this specific version of the game.
  • Bug Selecta- I don't know how you can pimp your bug. But apparently this game allows you to do just that.
  • Pimp My Water Scooter-If you don't take the pimp my ride brand seriously at all, then Pimp My Water Scooter is the one for you.
  • Pimp My Aston- As if the original needs any revamping on your part. Nevertheless, you get the pimping controls in this "improve the Aston" game.
  • Pimp My Sleigh- a holiday favorite!

You can play any type for free here

Which Ride is the most Pimpable?

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