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Pirate101 Minigame Guide: Rat Attack

Updated on November 6, 2012

Basic Rules

Control a rapid-fire cannon and eradicate the vermin infesting your ship deck, as well as the barrels that litter the game screen. Destroying vermin and barrels earns you points. Once any of the vermin touches your cannon though, the game ends. You can pick up special shots with faster and wider damage effects, as well as stars that give bonus points.

Winning Strategy

Resist the urge to hold-click the mouse. This will deplete your rapid fire bullets and prevent them from recharging. Instead, it is advisable to click the left mouse button quickly. As soon as you obtain special shells, use them without hesitation. Your highest priority targets should be poisoned barrels, scorpions and spiders. But don’t let the rat population get out of hand. Stay in the lower edge of the screen to evade incoming threats such as dashing spiders, but don’t hesitate to move up when rats have breached the lower shooting area.

Newbie Mistakes

Focusing on the Rats. The goal is not to prevent every single rat from reaching the bottom of your screen. Instead, the goal is to keep rat numbers in check to prevent them from swarming your shooting space. But there are higher priority targets like scorpions and spiders.

Ignoring Scorpion and Spiders. Killing these two vermin can cause gems and special shot crates to drop. If that’s not incentive enough, they also score higher points when killed, and also cause a lot of headache.

Ignoring Poisoned Barrels. Spiders create barrels while scorpions convert barrels to poisoned ones, which when touched by rats cause them to immediately descend to your moving area instead of following their natural zigzag path. Clear all poisoned barrels as soon as possible, and lower their chances of appearing by aggressively killing scorpions and spiders.

Getting Caught Up in the Gold Star. This special point booster is not worth the trouble, even with the increasing points it gives each time you hit it. It divides your focus from the threats.

Constantly Shooting Regular Bullets. Allow the Rapid Fire bullets to recharge in the cannon. This might take a while to get used to, but I find that switching between a fast-click and hold-click method provides a nice balance.

Saving Special Shells. Use special shells as soon as you get them. One hit will end your run, so better to use all the resources at your disposal. Special shells significantly increase your killing speed, which means more scorpions and spiders are destroyed per second, which then means higher chances of receiving another crate of special shells to replace the one you just used up.

Dexterity Difficulty

Medium-to-Fast Clicking and Low Two-Hand Coordination. The will need to click continuously to shoot bullets, with short periods when you can hold-click. You will occasionally need to use a second hand to switch to special shells and back.


Gear rewards begin at around the 10,000 points. Higher points may reward better gear as well as ship gear upgrades and additional Gold.

Scoring System

Rat – 5 or 7
Red Falling Spider – 25
Big Yellow Spider – 75
Scorpion – 40
Normal Barrel – 20
Poisoned Green Barrel – 30

Bonus Points
Star – 100 when hit or caught by cannon.
Gold Coin – Starts at 1 for the first hit, 2 for second, so on until it drops off the screen.

About Michael

Michael lives for MMOs. You can catch him spamming alts in every online game imaginable from the standard-bearers like World of Warcraft to Kickstarter-funded upstarts and everything in between. He is a contributing writer at MMO Play.


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