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Pirates: Tides of Fortune Game Guide: How to Play Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Updated on December 8, 2013
Pirates: Tides of Fortune
Pirates: Tides of Fortune

How to Play Pirates Tides of Fortune

You'll find Pirates Tides of Fortune on Google+ and it's a very good game. You'll start by building up your pirate base complete with the resources wood. gold, and rum. Follow the excellent tutorial missions to get up and running with your base. the game features numerous technologies you can research to improve your base of operations, You can add defenses such as cannons to protect your base. Let's look at the game's resources.

How to Play Pirates Tides of Fortune: Resources

You'll need plenty of resources in this game so build up your rum distilleries, gold mines, and lumber yards. There are various storage options for additional resources as you level up such as a sawmill, rum cellar, warehouse, and goldsmith. You'll use up most of your resources during the initial building phases so these storage structures won't be much of a concern. Once you have a good supply of resources be sure to upgrade your storage capabilities as well as your production centers to get a solid, steady flow of resources. With browser games such as Pirates: Tides of Fortune, resources are the name of the game.

Combat Units

Once you build a tavern you can begin to recruit combat units in the game. Here's alist of the current units:

  • Marauder - offensive Unit
  • Bonnie's Beauties - Defensive unit
  • Skirmisher - Defensive unit.
  • Buccaneers - Offensive Units.
  • Veteran Marauder - offensive Unit
  • Veteran Bonnie's Beauties - Defensive unit
  • Veteran Skirmisher - Defensive unit.
  • Veteran Buccaneers - Offensive Units.

Once you build other structures besides the tavern you can unlock airships and other units such as cannons and other foot soldiers. With a shipyard you can begin to unlock ships.

Sketches and Discoveries

A large portion of this game relies on discoveries which are research. You can research some of these right away but as you move up the research path you'll need items called "sketches." These sketches allow you to research better structures and units such as airships and naval units. The "Tinker" located at the top of the game screen will provide you with one sketch a day and you can buy and sell these too with an observatory building. This is the easiest way to get the sketches you need to build up your pirate empire. Once you have all the required sketches you can then train the research you want and build the structure you need. You'll also have to have the required resources for the technology as well. Use the market or observatory to trade sketches with other people. You can also trade sketches between friends on the game map.

Pirates:Tides of Fortune Map
Pirates:Tides of Fortune Map

The Game Map

On the game map you can find enemies to attack. You have the option to raid, blockade, or scout your foes. If they are your friends you can send reinforcements to the or sketches you don't need so they can train discoveries. You can also send your friends on the game map extra resources. Scroll the map by using the mouse or enter coordinates in the bottom right hand corner of the map screen. You can also put a grid on the screen with the grid icon if this helps you move around better. You cannot attack players under level 10 in the game as they are new.

A Great Pirate Game

Look for a more detailed guide to Pirates: Tides of Fortune to come soon. This is an excellent pirate game and one of the best you'll play on Google+ so far. Work on getting your resources up to speed before you plan on fighting, and collect your sketches so you can train up discoveries.


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    • QualityContent profile image

      QualityContent 5 years ago

      You can play on Facebook now too

    • profile image

      Googleboycott 5 years ago

      Looks nice but you need google + acc to play? Sry, I don't think so. I had Gmail which Google blocked so I can't access. had many important things in that mail but Googles address or phone or email is nowhere to be found even though they have a firm in my country. So no, I will have nothing to do with them, risk is they block the game for me to.