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Planes for Minecraft, War Plane Flying Minecraft Mod

Updated on May 8, 2011

Planes for Minecraft has seen such significant upgrades since we last looked at this mod that I thought it only fair to revisit it. To fail to compare the original mod to the current incarnation of the mod would be to act as if a weaponized butterfly had not changed since it was a squishy little caterpillar.

In the beginning, Planes for Minecraft consisted of a single wooden biplane. It was functional and an incredible amount of fun. But like Minecraft itself, fun was not enough for this mod's creator and the community at large and almost immediately, the mod began to grow. New planes with exciting new capacity were developed. A plugin that allowed server operators to add planes to Minecraft multiplayer servers was created. Before long planes with a World War II theme were everywhere.

I myself was able to craft a Fokker Dr.1, a triplane used by the Germans to great success. A few of the original planes disintegrated in mid air, but that's not much of a concern in Minecraft, where respawns are much less painful, and moreover can be guaranteed, unlike in real life, where the possibility of respawns is hotly debated and it is most certain that you're not going to respawn at your original spawn point. Just a little philosophy to temper your enthusiasm for flying the Minecraft skies in a flying machine.

The weather capacity in 1.5 works quite wonderfully with the planes mod, you can be cruising through clear skies one moment and find yourself in a thunderstorm the next, which is exciting. At least, I was excited the first time it happened. You probably will be too.

But enough about the weather. What you really want to know is whether or not they are equipped with offensive weaponry. Yes they are. Do you know what that means? That means vintage biplanes dog fighting it in properly equipped SMP servers. That's what that means.

Other features of the new planes include the ability to carry cargo, which is very useful, and also the ability to craft a two seater plane, so that you can take a passenger with you. If you're playing single player, that means that your tame wolf is probably going to need some doggles to go up in the air.

New engines have resulted in faster speeds and shorter flight times. Whereas the original mod relied on a coal powered propeller, the new planes run on eight piston engines and get get up to quite considerable speed when they want to. This means that it is very easy indeed to fly off into the wild blue yonder and forget where you started from in the first place.


Installation is fairly straight forward, but you do need to pay attention whilst you're doing it. You'll need Mod Loader, Turbo Thingy, Mod Loader MP, and Audio Mod. You'll also need the Planes for Minecraft mod itself, and unlike other mods that can simply be tossed straight into the minecraft.jar,various files in the Planes for Minecraft mod directory need to go to different places. It can be somewhat frustrating if you don't get it right the first time (I still can't work out how to build a Spitfire) but consider it a test of your mettle. Have you got the right stuff?

Download Planes for Minecraft!


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