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Planetside 2 Epic MMOFPS

Updated on December 10, 2012

Planetside 2 - Massive online shooter


Planetside 2 - FPS on a larger scale.

Planetside 2 is Sony Online Entertainment latest game in their Free-To-Play arsenal. It's a unique MMO that sets place on a alien planet in the future where three faction fight a war against each other. Each races has unique weapons and vehicles. Each army will need to fight they way though the lands to claim different bases and areas. Planetside 2 is a online first person shooter on a massive scale, we're talking about hundreds of players in the same area fighting with you and against you. There's nothing quite like it on the gaming market right now, this can't even be compared to games like Battlefield 3, the scale in Planetside 2 has such a huge scale that it's insane, we're talking about some epic battles.
And let's not forget that the game is actually free to play, anyone can download Planetside 2 and play the game (if your computer can handle the game that is). You get access to the full game with the free membership, but if you prefer there's also the option to play the game with a monthly fee, then you get access to guns and gun skins that the free player doesn't have access to. But there's no problem playing the game for free, it's just as fun. Want to try it out right now?

Check out the Official Planetside 2 website for more information.

Planetside 2 - Teamwork is Key

In Planetside 2 teamwork is extremly important. You can't think of the game as a ordinary online first person shooter like Battlefield or Call of Duty. In those games there's no problem running around alone shooting down enemies, but in Planetside 2 you need to work toghter in order to not die 24/7. You can't for example claim a base by yourself, it's impossible I tell you, unless you're extremly lucky and then enemy team left the base unguarded.

PlanetSide 2 Trailer -- Epic First Person Shooter

Planetside 2 - Gameplay Explained

Getting Started with Planetside 2

For some new gamers Planetside 2 can be a bit confusing, at the release of the game there wasn't even a tutorial, you were just thrown into combat and just left there to find out how everything works for yourself. And if your new to the First person shooter genre in gaming, it's hard not to get killed over and over again if you don't get the game explained for you. Lucky there's plenty of tutorials and guides on how to get started with Planetside on Youtube for example. And don't worry it's not that much information you need to know to enjoy the game. The game is very basic, but it's always nice to get a tutorial when you're starting with a new game. You can find a good video tutorial just down below. Enjoy.



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