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Plants Vs. Zombies Collectibles

Updated on May 11, 2011
Sun flower plush toy
Sun flower plush toy

Although Plants vs. Zombies is so 2010, a lot of us are still hooked on this game. This game is very child friendly and very easy to play. With cute plants, un-threatening zombies, colorful background and very cute music a lot have been capture by this game that even adults have been playing it. It excites me more when the time I saw really cute collectible stuff made out from this game.

First, there are t-shirts with PvZ logo prints, then there are plush toys, iPhone covers, figurines, desktop decorations, cushion pillows, ashtrays, coin box, pen containers, bags, pencil cases, party cake toppers and so much more. These are all cute and colorful, even the zombies are awesomely cute and cuddly (as a cushion pillow), some also comes with life-sized designs! I know it will be a big hit for children and even adults who adore thePlants vs. Zombies.

PvZ back up dancer desktop decor
PvZ back up dancer desktop decor

I have seen loads of these items from ebay check it out yourself.

I already bought 2 sunflowers, 1 pea shooter, 1 watermelon, a pumpkin and a jalapeno, me and my son set it up in our front lawn already, now we have to buy more to protect out house from invading zombies.

To those who have the power to sew (which I do not have) there is an available pattern for PvZ plants avaialble at Etsy i think they have the pea shooter and the sunflower pattern which cost around $7.00/ pattern.

This collecting hobbies are enjoyable for both my son and me, we have more time bonding and playing and it takes away the troubles from work and other concerns. We both hope that we can build a whole tower defense in our lawn someday. We'll never know when will the menacing zombies will be approaching!

threepeater desktop decor
threepeater desktop decor


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