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Plastic Knooking Hook

Updated on June 4, 2016


Below are what you can do with this needle.

As a crochet hook

This plastic hook is size 4 to 5mm. It is made of plastic, and has a straight body. You can use this as a regular crochet hook, and hold it knife type.

As a regular Tunisian hook

It is shorter than the usual Tunisian hook, but if you are only making swatches, it is better to use a short one.

There are patterns that calls for short rows and this is perfect for that.

As an Extended Tunisian Hook

Add a long cord, knot the end of the cord, and you can use it as cabled Tunisian hook.

As a knooking hook

This is really a knooking hook, so you use it as one. insert a meter long cord on the hole in the bottom. And you are good to go.

Knooking Basics

This is just a cheap knooking hook that has several uses. For extensive tutorials for knooking, you can find a lot in youtube. But here is a simple way how you can knook with this plastic needle.

Here I've shown how you can make garter stitch in knooking.


1. Every row you have to turn the work, pull the needle away from the row, so the stitches are held on the extended cord.

2. Then, pick up stitches from right to left.

And that is how you use this plastic blue knooking needle!


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