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Play Video Games Too Much

Updated on March 14, 2013
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Nicholl McGuire has been providing useful content on websites since 2007. Learn more about her business Nicholl McGuire Media.

Educational Tools Aren't As Popular But Are Needed

When babies' milestones aren't being reached or school-aged students' grades begin to fall, this is when we, as parents, must provide the necessary tools to aid them in their development. Video game playing is fun and has it's share of perks, but when a child has dire educational needs, another gaming console is not what teachers recommend.

There are stores online that provide numerous educational materials--that is if you know where to look and don't mind shopping at different stores.

One mom and pop educational website has provided a listing of some useful, quality materials for purchase. They have many of the popular educational learning tools by the most respected brands in the industry.

Check out what ABC Reading is offering here.

Parent Angered Over Son About Video Games

I admit I was angry that my kindness was taken for weakness. He wanted the video games, so I bought them on one condition, he would do well in school and stay out of trouble. So when I found out that he was failing in school and that he was concerned about winning at a game more than anything else, I started thinking how do we, his dad and I, make this child realize just how bad anything, not just playing video games too much, but how doing anything all the time will hurt you!

Whether you work, eat, sleep, drink, watch TV, or play too much, if you do any of these activities plus a few more all the time, they will affect other things in your world including those who you say you love. Does my son really love me--I digress, lol? So when my son really took the time and focused on what really mattered, like passing his classes, he realized that he had an addiction to video games and just like a drug addict, he had to detox and it wasn't a good experience for him! His dad was on his case everyday, he was grounded, kicked off the athletic team, and he didn't get any goodies in the mail from me. (FYI--we're divorced.) He also didn't get any new video games. Once he earned his way back into our good graces (still ongoing process to date) he is permitted to play for a limited time only. He has yet to get anything from me. I told him I expect to see paperwork reflecting his activity in school.

Now for some, they would say, "Well he started his obsession with video games because of his upset about the divorce." Wrong. He became addicted to video games long after the divorce and it was mainly because this sort of behavior was encouraged by his peers who all play video games and he wanted to "fit in". So the old adage goes, "Monkey see, monkey do."

I have since let go of much of my anger about the video gaming, because there is only so much you can do when your child doesn't live with you. But for those parents who think "it's no big deal that my son is playing games all day...I don't care how long my daughter plays just so long as her homework is done..." know that sooner or later all the gaming will catch up to them and one day you will be angered over what you see and hear too.

Video Gaming and Military Programming: There is a Connection

While gamers shoot, kill, stomp, bang, or fight a bad guy, those in the know smile. They are well aware what playing video military action games often does to many minds and hands--it makes them equipped to learn how to operate their equipment, become less sensitive to the enemy, and overall make them a better killing machine--I mean soldier.

If you don't believe there is a connection, I can direct you to the following:

How Do Video Games and Modern Military Influence Each Other?

Video games play role in military training

According to a radio segment entitled, Cutting Through the Matrix by Alan Watts (11/21/2007, 11/23/2007, and 11/30/2007), Watts talks about the brainwashing in general that goes on to get people to do what the elitists (who don't get their hands dirty) want to be done.

On, visitors are encouraged to become a video enthusiast. Notice the connection. A military site that talks about becoming a gamer. Nowadays what are many of the action games? They are military related.

Video games have many purposes and when you decide to purchase one, you have to ask yourself, "What is the creator(s) intent?" Now for some, they simply want a fun game that makes them much money. But for others who create games for individuals and organizations, they should be asking, "What might my service be contributing to?" Could the creator be lending his service to manipulate many minds to achieve a heinous goal? Could that creator be helping aid many men, women and children to go along with a sociopath's hidden agenda and not even be aware?

Signs, symbols, colors, and wording appear in many video games to subliminally make the viewer think and behave a certain way. If I am a young boy from an impoverished community with no parents, relatives or friends who really care much about me, I know that I can lose myself in a game and suppress my emotions. While "losing myself" I find myself totally immersed in a game that makes me feel like I am the meanest, most powerful, clever, and cool supernatural being in the world with my large selection of weapons to kill the bad guys. Translate my thinking into the real world, and who knows I might want to re-enact a few things. Now some what to put that sort of thinking of course under subjection and use it to help fund their unrighteous endeavors.

Tools to Indoctrinate the Children Early: Toys

Parents: Do You Have a Child Who Just Loves Playing Video Games?

You might have not given it much thought, "How much time does my child play video games?" It's worth thinking about when you know your child is spending more time buying, playing, collecting, and talking about video games more than anything else. I noticed a blog that has real stories about children's experiences playing video games and one thing that was said that stood out to me more than anything is when the 14 year old wrote, my parents seem to care but never try to kick me off or even try to help.
Stories of Video Game Addictions

Are video games just propaganda and training tools for the military?

You have to wonder is what your son or daughter playing with whether video games, dolls, or something else really nothing more than a tool to get them to think or do some things that will lead them on a path to become what the creator intends. I thought of this when it came to the many gamers I met online playing military action video games. I couldn't believe at literally the thousands of young people under the age of 20 playing these games daily!

Consider this, in the future, many children who played with military video games will be lining up to sign up for future wars not realizing that it was all by design way back when. Mom and dad went along with the advertisers, their children's pleas for this game and that one, and throw in some school indoctrination and now Johnny or Sue is off to war. Sure, convince yourself all you want, Mom and Dad that it was your kid's idea!

See the following article that attempts to answer the question:

Are video games just propaganda and training tools for the military?

Do You Live with a Gamer?

How much time does he/she play video games a day?

See results

It's Just Not Entertainment, It's a Lifestyle!

The sooner we realize that children's tools, toys, clothing, furniture, and more has been designed for more reasons than one, the better off we will be when it comes to saying, "No" to certain products and keeping them out of our homes and away from our children. But as long as we have naive, ignorant individuals in our world who always say things like, "It's okay... what's the big are reading into this too much...maybe you need to's not that serious..." criminals, sociopaths, wicked men and women will continue to reign, indoctrinate, and eventually take away your money and then your soul!

Everyday you and I are being shown things both on and off the Internet that are approved by big money-makers that tell us "you need it." If they aren't selling us sex, they are selling us the next principle on how you and I should live. From entrepreneurs to politicians, someone or a group always has a reason as to why they want us to do things. For purposes of this hub, I choose to speak on video game playing. Notice, I didn't say video games, because I am not recommending any one better than the other, you have to decide that for yourself. But what I am exposing my readers to is the connection to the video game playing and the contents of the video game to one's lifestyle. If a child is no longer bringing home good grades, you have to wonder what is going on with him or her besides the obvious like a parent divorcing, sibling rivalry, bullies, etc. What is he or she doing in his or her room when he or she isn't chatting with you? What games is he or she playing? What are the ratings? Have you played the games yourself? As parents we like to assume we know everything when it comes to our children, but we don't. You can live with a child, see him or her come to your table everyday to eat, but still not know him or her especially if you can't or won't get to sincerely know him or her because, "Well you know, I have to work...I don't have time...ask your mother...Why are you always bothering me? Go play!"

Think about it, playing a game in a child's world is more than just playing a game, he or she might fantasize about being that character in the game. The young person might obsess on ways to get his or her character to freedom. Some might even want to try what he or she sees in the video game to harm someone else. Notice the lifestyle connection to the video game if there was any line or difference between the two, one who is depressed, angry, or feel like he or she is lacking in something will lean on the video game for support. People are no longer important. Life is a place that you run from instead of live in. We can go on and on when it comes to diagnosing a person who has once loved taking part in life, but now has reserved his time for a video game.

Video Game Addiction

Do people say you play video games too much? What is it that you do?

See results

Adults Who Play Video Games

How much is too much when you are an adult playing video games? Well if it interferes with your daily activities and people around you are complaining, common sense says, you play too much. I came across an interesting read that will help some of you determine what is simply too much video game playing.

Top 10 Signs You Play Video Games Too Often

© 2012 Nicholl McGuire


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  • cfin profile image


    5 years ago from The World we live in

    For me and my wife, we play these games as we would watch a movie or tv show. Nothing more. I do know people who go overboard though and as you said, too much of anything is bad for you.


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