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PlayStation to Release Retro Classic Console Come December

Updated on September 24, 2018
JynBranton profile image

Since her first Nintendo, Jennifer Branton has been an avid gamer who fairs best in Survival Horror and RPG's.

Mini Classic Season

While PlayStation first seemed to be scoffing the idea of backwards compatibility being a selling point since the release of the PlayStation 4, Sony is seemingly changing their tune come this December as a Mini PlayStation Classic will be taking the shelves alongside Nintendo's two successful Mini's Nintendo Classic and Nintendo 64 Classic that made the rounds over past fourth quarters.

Unlike its rivals, PlayStation opted for only twenty pre-loaded games instead of Nintendo's formula for twenty plus on their classic mini's/

No word yet exactly what games will be released either in PlayStation's twenty pre-loads or if there will be a way to download content from other PlayStation's or PS accounts onto the console.

We know that the controls will be back to their non rumble pack configuration that older gamers will remember from their first console which might be the delay on what games the system will have the abillity to play.


Containing two classic non rumble pack analog controllers, gamers will get to enjoy the beauty of the tank controls that ruled the first generation of PlayStation video games.

Is The Price Right?

One concern for the future of the PS mini is the price point which isn't that far off from other retro style gaming systems that also debut around the holiday season, but at $100, the console is above the $60 and $80 prices Nintendo had displayed for their sell out mini consoles.

While one could argue the market for those that love the Nintendo classics on their pre-loaded consoles like Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, and Mega Man were cheaper games originally as they debuted on those old games cartridges that you could blow into if you couldn't get it running and PlayStation's lineage began at the time of the CD, which could be a reason for the price hike.

Although the gaming market has much overlap in what players prefer what consoles, those growing up with PlayStation favored darker titles and less cartoony graphics that have stunted Nintendo in past years to more of a family friendly console, so the game library that we could see on the PlayStation may be more valuable.

Not that Nintendo is hurting themselves in anyway even with their most recent Switch having backwards compatibility in its catalog to download even NES games as they are passed over. PlayStation however after the PlayStation 4 stopped having this although they have released older games from the PS3 era onto remastered games on PS4, there is no way to get back the original games we fell in love with so maybe PlayStation knew all along they would have a rabid audience just waiting to devour this little treat.


With no mention of all the pre-loaded titles that will be featured on the PlayStation Mini, there is only speculation at this time what classic games were impactful enough to make the cut. Also due to PlayStation games being owned by outside gaming studios, what games Sony can get the rights for, might be the deciding factor.

Revisiting Gaming History

It may take days to come up with a proper list of what games I would like to see on the mini, as most of my best gaming memories when it comes to survival horror games comes from this system.

Nothing beat a Friday night at about three AM playing Resident Evil in a darkened basement where every creak of the house just provided atmosphere, or the first time walking down those snowy streets of Silent Hill.

Just one of these classic horror games on this system would sell them out, especially after the cancellation of Silent Hills.

Metal Gear Solid would be a welcome addition to a classic console as we got our first glimpse at the franchise that would go on to sell so many sequels to the game we are now seeing the Metal Gear franchise fighting zombies.

Known for some of the best Final Fantasy games the move to PlayStation was one of the best platforms for the beautiful landscapes and creatures.

Mortal Kombat on the PlayStation was also welcomed as one of the additions that didn't require an extra password for allowing the "blood mode" and fatalities to be played like the arcade style versions of the game; these features absent or censored from other consoles port of the game.

Tomb Raider and Vagrant Story were among some of the best adventures although pixels made you wonder what your characters actually looked like.

Soul Reaver was one of my favorite things about the early PlayStation with its world shifting.

While sports games were already a thing on previous consoles, no one could deny any sport looked much better on PS although blocky, the people actually seemed to be people! Every sport had its own version of their latest season on the console.

Even Worms had a humble first game on the PlayStation.

Anyone else remember Dino Crisis on PS?

Spyro The Dragon was there for a colorful and extremely hard adventure.Grand Theft Auto 2 helped the game come into its own and differentiate from pure racing games like Gran Terismo. Although it was one of the weaker games in the series, Castlevania found a new home as well on the console.

By the time PS 2 had come out, it was great to be able to play old games as well as burned copies if anyone had the mod chip like I did on their system.

I think the Classic PlayStation will really find a home again, not so much with younger gamers but with those that remember our first times playing so many of these games.

I look forward to its announcement of titles in December.


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