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Playable Plants vs Zombies Minecraft Game World Download

Updated on November 16, 2011
Minecraft Plants vs Zombies Map Download
Minecraft Plants vs Zombies Map Download

Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular casual games of all time, and seeing as Minecraft is a game that includes high levels of natural zombie infestation, it was only a matter of time before a Minecraft Plants vs Zombies map made its way into existence. What wasn't such a foregone conclusion was how well the map was made. Suffice to say, this one is brilliant and you should definitely download it.

For those not familiar with the Plants vs Zombies franchise, allow me to briefly explain how the game works. You have a house, a house that is being threatened by wave after wave of zombies. In the real game, these zombies have different abilities and you have various plants you can place, it's essentially a tower defense game without the towers. The minecraft version bears many similarities to the original, though it has been tweaked for the mechanics of minecraft.

In the minecraft game, you can't place flowers, they're already there and filled with arrow dispensers which discharge whenever a zombie comes too close. Instead of planting flowers directly, you can run back and forth along a parapet, firing your own arrows into the zombie hordes.

How To Play Minecraft Plants vs Zombies

The flowers are already planted of course, but in order to activate them you need to drop gold ingots into 'feeder wells'. These are the red wells at the parapet which are activated for five minutes when the gold is dropped within.

The zombie waves are controlled by a start / stop button on your side of the map, so you have a modicum of control over when the zombies are relased and how many are released at a single time. You also have a bed to retire to at night so the zombies, creepers, spiders and endermen don't ovverun the entire map, and of course, two chest full to the brim of arrows, bows and food.

It's not your health you have to worry about however, rather it's the health of the house that should concern you. You'll see a damage meter on the upper right roof of your house. Every time a zombie slips past your defenses, the house will take more damage. The bar starts off red and steadily turns white as more damage is inflicted. The game is over when your house's 'health' reaches 0.

NOTE: You will need to revert to Minecraft 1.8 in order for this map to work. It is broken in the release candidates.

Download the playable Plants vs Zombies Minecraft Map!


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