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Players To Avoid In Call Of Duty

Updated on September 10, 2014


Let's just get this out of the way on why this hub even exists. It's the pure and simple fact that there are far too many idiots out there that will screw you up, and you know the only reason you would lose anything is because of those idiots. Well, sometimes, you don't find out until it's too late. So here's an in-depth look and explanation into what kind of players you should avoid having on your team. These will be separated into different sections so that you can avoid reading about modes you really don't play.

Multiplayer (General)

This section is probably going to be the one everyone looks for first, so I'll cover this subject first. The very first kind of player you want to avoid, in general, are players who have the maximum prestige with less than 5 days of game time. These players are so pathetic that they have to rely on glitching/hacking in order to get their max prestiges, without actually learning how to play the game. In Black Ops 2, you'll see they have ridiculous stats, but in their game history, they never once come close to any decent stats nor do their stats make any logical sense. (You will see players with more than 100% accuracy on automatic weapons and sniper rifles, and the headshot count exceeds the number of kills they have.) In Ghosts, you'll see something similar, but backwards for non-weapon stats. You'll see their real weapon stats are all negative, but somehow, the rest of their stats are positive.

The second type of player is pretty much anyone in the top 100 ranking of the leaderboards. These people are similar to those who hack/glitch to get their prestige. These are people who are so hopeless that they can't even bother to play at all. They just slap on a few hacks and place themselves at the top. This is slightly less true for IW games, but then again, these games tend to have the most hackers, too. Only Free-For-All game modes make it easier to tell between legit and fake players as the leaderboard for these modes only count your kills' points in 50's. Anyone who hacks will have scores that exceed 50x what their kill count is.

Another player to avoid are those who have K/D's of 1.5 or higher who talk a lot of crap, but just spend their time camping all game and have no other positive stats. These are players that have never learned any actual skill and just repeat the same strategies as any 5-year-old child who picks up a controller. These players have very low win rates and as big as they talk, they fail to realize that they have no real skill level. They believe K/D is the only stat that's important, which isn't true. They have little to no real contribution, and think they're all that when they're actually on a winning team. These are people who average only 4-6 kills per game (outside of Search game modes). There are a lot of similar players with less than 1.0 K/D's as well. Long story short, steer clear of big-mouthed idiots with no ability and have their heads up their asses.

Your clan leader's friend. Unfortunately, despite there being many great clans started by great guys, they tend to have the most idiotic friends who are just complete douches to everyone and abuse what authority they might have in the clan due to being the leader's friend. These are people who are a complete detriment to your game, and is usually the reason you always lose. If your clan leader lets this kind of person do whatever they want, you're best leaving the clan as well because you will be the one removed anyway.

Anyone who camps with an automatic weapon is already a choice to not be in your group. Even worse beyond this is people who can't do anything but camp in the exact same place the whole game. These players are no different than 5-year-olds and will always end up pulling your whole team down. These players are particularly worse when they have split-screen going.

This next one should be no surprise, but pretty much anyone who's not even of age to be playing CoD. While the age limit is strictly for content, there's the simple fact that those who are under age are also normally not smart/mature enough to be able to be anything but a nuisance and a drag on your team. While there are some in their teens that may have some level of competency, it's best to avoid anyone who hasn't developed enough to be an asset.

Multiplayer (Black Ops 1 & 2)

Pretty simple, and the listing is not very long. You pretty much want to avoid playing this game at all. 90% of players that still roam these are just people with no life/money/skill. These players literally just sit in corners the whole game, and there's almost no game they play that ends in completion of objectives, but rather, most of their games end in time expiring.

The long and short of it, don't bother with Black Ops 1 Multiplayer anymore.

Black Ops 2 is pretty similar, with the exception that roughly 20% are still decent players. Outside of that, it's pretty similar to Black Ops 1.

Multiplayer (MW 1, 2 & 3)

Like with Black Ops 1, it's best to avoid playing these games altogether. Unlike Treyarch, these Infinity Ward titles don't patch for hacks anymore, nor did they really put any effort into counteracting them in the first place. These games' multiplayer games are all hacked lobbies with players that literally have absolutely no lives, and are too scared to play a fair and square game on current titles.

Multiplayer (Ghosts)

Like the MW series, it's another IW production that should just be avoided. While it is the current title released, 95% of players follow all the general lines for players to avoid. Within the first two months of Ghosts's release, most of the skilled players had already left due to the game's unoriginality and high counts of hackers.

The only real exclusive listing for this game would be to avoid people who have a blank square or no prestige/rank icon next to their name.

Zombies (General)

Zed game modes are fun, but there are just players that are going to kill all that fun. Here are some signs to watch out for:

First off, we'll reiterate the avoidance of anyone underage. Whatever issues you may have in Multiplayer by these children, multiply that by 50, and you get the average underaged Zed player. This is particularly true for those under 15. These are players who think extremely highly of themselves, but don't realize exactly how bad they are.

Another is anyone who uses grenades for kills. These people are literally so bad that they don't even know the basics of how to earn points or even playing the game, in general. These same players will also always gripe and moan about never getting enough points, and also tend to steal kills in order to get just a little bit more.

Kill stealers: These players are about the worst to come across. These players have no idea how to play as a team, and will also screw over anyone on their team for extra points, mostly due to their inability to get any to begin with. These players will steal your chances to get any points and prolong the game, while at the same time wasting the points on things that they will lose quite quickly. These are also usually players that will never work for the team, and save their points for themselves.

Once again, going off the previous type of player, are those who do not spend points for the team (like opening doors, buying traps, etc.). These players are generally the worst kind. They are unable to actually play well enough to even make it far without someone carrying them. These kind of idiots generally never even make it to round 20, and they still insist they are actually good. The few of these players that actually have a high round count on the leaderboard were carried by actual good players that managed to make up for what these players lack. Particularly in Black Ops 1, where they actually do make the leaderboard, they generally have well over 30 downs.

Anyone with a mic but doesn't talk. These players get mics for the pure purpose of getting better players to play with them. These people can't actually play, neither do they ever communicate with you. In many cases these same players usually just have a party in their home or a loud TV/radio blasting in the microphone.

AFK players are very rampant in Black Ops 1 and WaW, and are starting to show up more in Black Ops 2. These players literally just join a lobby and walk away from their system, hoping that there will be enough dumb players to ready up and get them up the leaderboard without ever having to do anything.

Any player who claims that it's impossible to make it to higher rounds without cheating are fairly common, as well. There are a lot of players who are so terrible at this game and lack so much brain power that not only do they normally never see round 20, but they also think they are the best players in existence. They do not get any better, nor are they able to do more than screw up other players and waste their time.

Split-screeners, in general, are a must-avoid. While some may have microphones, less than 5% of split-screeners are actually good enough to even hold their own, let alone the fact that they always go off doing their own thing, getting their teammates killed and dying very often themselves. For Black Ops 2 players, these people will quit in a heartbeat to waste your time if you're going for rounds. They also tend to be the cause for many players dropping rank.

Any players who say they know "this awesome glitch". Let's face it, if someone has to glitch, they're not even remotely in the same universe as the word "Good". These are players that will never be of benefit to anyone. Best to toss them aside.

Zombies (World At War)

Just avoid it completely when it comes to playing with others unless they are on your friends list. It's nothing but hacked lobbies, otherwise.

Zombies (Black Ops 1)

There's really not much here. Everything in the general listing is pretty much found on here. So, like WaW, avoid anyone not on your friend list. Also, avoid anyone who has a high round rating with more than 1 player, but doesn't have a microphone. These people rely on hacked lobbies and glitches to get anywhere.

Zombies (Black Ops 2)

There's only one listing for this that hasn't already been listed in the general listing, and that's any high ranks with no microphones. These players are generally unable to play for long rounds without glitching/modding, and usually are shotguns who used glitching/modding/exploiting. There are less than 5% of high ranks left that are actually legitimate.

Also, since the patch at the release of Buried, the requirements for the high ranks has decreased and fairly easy to obtain for any above-average player, and the fact that someone needs to cheat to obtain it merely increases the need to avoid non-microphoned high-ranks.


Honestly, there's very little to list here that hasn't been listed in the Zed sections already. In fact, everything labeled in all the Zed sections apply to Extinction. However, there is one more you want to keep in mind for Extinction. These people are those who don't do the challenges. As many of you know, these challenges are displayed at every excavation sight, and if completed, gives you points to upgrade your perks. Anyone who doesn't actively try to achieve these, especially in the first round, aren't worth wasting time with.


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