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Playing The Settlers of Catan

Updated on April 10, 2014

By Mayfair Games

The Settlers of Catan, the board game, is not for two players.

What you need to do, as with any game, is to make sure you have all the pieces. I always check to make sure my board game has all of the pieces. This game does have so many pieces that could get lost. Keep trace of them. Return or buy a different copy of the game, if there are pieces missing.

The Game


How To Win

You need 10 points.

Settlements = 1 point

City = 2 points

Hard or Easy

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The Cards

Hills = bricks.
Fields = grain.
Pastures = sheep.
Mountains = Ore.
Forest = Lumber

How to Play Settlers of Catan - with Jake Wylie by The Dice Tower

Start of Game

Everyone gets two roads and one settlement at the start of the game. The grey guy is placed on a number on a hex. That hex is not playable.
Everyone gets two roads and one settlement at the start of the game. The grey guy is placed on a number on a hex. That hex is not playable. | Source

Review Of The Settlers of Catan

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of The Settlers of Catan

Many Other Games

Mayfair games has many other games that they have put put on the market. Most of them, I have never heard of before. There is a range of game difficultly from easy to very hard. The harder ones have to do with being a fan of a favorite book.

If you want to know more about how to play Mayfair games. The Dice Tower on youtube does put up some really great instructions.

Here is how to play:

Put the frame down on the table - this frame is not present in the last editions. It gives a sea boarder to the game.

Randomly, put the hex pieces inside the frame so that they all match up. Eventually, all the hexes will look like a finished puzzle.

Put numbers on the hexes. Don't put one on the one that looks like a desert. Put that little grey pawn on that one. He is called the robber.

Roll 7 and you move the grey card to another place. If you move him to a place where another persons roads and settlements are you take one of the cards from that person. The place will not give you any cards until the next 7 is rolled to move the grey card off of the hex.

Each player is given settlements (looks like a house), cities (looks like a larger home) and roads (looks like a line).

Two of each are given to each player.

Settlements go on the corners of the hexes. Roads can be connected to the settlements in-between the hex corners only if the other corners are not occupied by an opposite color.
Collect the resources that will make up the hexes that are connected to settlements, roads, or cities that you lied down. You should get three cards.

Roll your two dice. Add the two dice together. That number will represent one of the numbers on a hex. Any one that has a number on that dice though picks a card of the type under it. Example= 3 is a field. Your friend has a road and settlement connected on that one. They receive a grain card.

The turn is not over. That person can trade a resource. Or, they can trade 4 of their own resources for a new resource card.

You also have a resource card. It tells you how much a road, settlement, and cities cost. If you want one you will need to buy a new one that will connect to your other roads, settlements, and cities. Upgrade to cities if you want to upgrade.

Development cards are for advantages in the game.

Game Night

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Catan Junior

For younger kids.
For younger kids. | Source

Catan Junior - with the Vasel girls By The Dice Tower

What I Think About The Game

I think the game is very fun. I enjoy interacting with others.

The hex game can be a little hard at first. The first time played was a little rough but as long other people knew how to play the game, I was fine with it.

This game can be played with older kids on a fundraiser game night. I love the ideas of fundraisers. They add money to your non-profit. All of my ideas for non-profits are on another site. I did not put this one hubpages, as I use more than one play to write.

Catan: Junior might be better for the younger kids. It is easier to understand. If you want to do speed rounds this one is better. All you have to do is add a timer to your game.

Include games like Candy Land into your fundraiser. Games like Monopoly will last too long. Try to put in the games that only take a few minutes to play like Hungry Hungry Hippo.

Don't forget to include unknown games into your fundraising game night. That adds to the difficulty of the event. Also, your prizes can be larger the harder the games you play.

Look for the difficulty level of the game, on-line. Board game makers like MayFair Games, tell the consumer which game is hard and which game is easy. Also, make sure you no the rules of all the games you choose for the event. If you do not, there will be cheating. Children do not like cheaters.

It may be best to have a, Clock Stop Information Person, for all questions on the games. Allow a given number of questions that can be asked during the game play. This will give a child the since of pride in what they do. If that, clock stopper does not know anything, they can ask you to help.


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