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Playing Video Keno Machines-Tips

Updated on September 25, 2010

how they work

   When I lived in Reno I made friends with the fellow who serviced our machines where I worked.  He explained to me, in a simple way how the machines worked and how to get a better idea on how to win.

   First of all, the machines all have a setting in the back of the machine to adjust the winning, to either hit all the time, or set to not win very often.  Usually the casinos adjust the different machines, so the same ones do not win all the time.

   The keno machine has a total of 80 numbers.  On each turn, it lets you pick however many numbers you want to choose, between 2 and up to 10.  You can choose whichever numbers you think will be chosen.  If all your numbers are picked you hit a jackpot.  The more numbers you pick, the more you win.  It is a very long shot game to win, but when you do win you win big.  Each round you play, the machine picks 20 numbers randomly.  If your numbers are the ones the machine picked that is all you need to win.

   This game was first played as it is played on our state lotto, and the numbers are chosen with ping pong balls.  This does give you a truly random selection of numbers.  Here is the problem with the video version.  With the video version, the selection of the numbers is done by a computer.  There is no way a computer can actually select the numbers randomly, for it is a program, and it must be programed to chose the numbers.  It is as random as it can be, but again, it is a program.  The program is made to move the numbers picked around the screen in a clockwise motion, not really in the corners, except for a few selections, and not really in the center of the screen either, except for a few numbers.  Each time it goes through a round, the numbers chosen move slightly around the screen, clockwise.  Knowing this, does give one a slight advantage picking one's numbers.  Also, your odds are better if you do not change your selection of numbers.  Every time you change your numbers you lose ground at the odds of winning, for every time your numbers are not chosen the odds of them getting picked goes up some.

   So, if you pick numbers that are in the path of the moving selection of numbers picked by the program, and you do not move them, your chance of winning goes up quite a bit.  Remembering that you win less if you pick fewer numbers, a good number of them to pick for a beginning player is four to six numbers, which in a nickle machine, using only one nickel will win a jackpot of between $70 to $150 for either four or six numbers. In other words if all six of your numbers hit, you will win approximately $150 for every nickel played.  You can usually  put as many as five nickels each play, and if you did that your winnings for six numbers goes up significantly to about $750 dollars for six number win. 

   So, you can see that though the odds aren't as good as some of the other games, it can be very tempting to try your luck at this.  One day, using this method, with only one nickel in the machine, unfortunately, I hit all eight of my selected numbers, and with one nickel I won a jackpot of $575.00  People do win at this game all the time, and it is addicting.  You can find these machine on the Internet and play for free, and the same thing happens with the picks moving clockwise around the screen.  Try it, and have fun


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