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Playset: Adventures of the Zhu Zhu

Updated on November 15, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pet Accessories

If you've already picked up your Zhu Zhu pet hamster for Christmas, you might be missing out on loads fun toys and accessories for it to play with. You can build and connect the whole collection giving your little buddy a wonderful world of fun and adventure. I've got all so far but only just, as soon as they came in my local toy store they dissappeared a few minutes later. Everyone is grabbing them up, even though they havent touched the UK top ten christmas toy list yet. 

Zhu Zhu collection
Zhu Zhu collection

Just so you know

If you don't know already, Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster toys (formerly Go Go pets)  simulate the real thing. They are cute, realistic and do all the things a real living pet would do. Acting just like you would expect a real animal would, known as smart pets. They react with the rest of the world in a realistically and unprectictable way making them the most popular sought after Christmas gift this year! *cough* - did I mention that you need to feed them or clean up droppings? Great!

Zhu Zhu collection
Zhu Zhu collection

Give your pet the time of its life!

Let me give the low down of all these popular accessories. I spend hours playing around and having a great time with these toys so here's what they all are and what they do.

Hamster funhouse - Watch your little Zhu Zhu run around the two circular tunnels and through the passage from one side to the other.

Hamster wheel and tunnel - See your little pet run up the tunnel and exercise on the running wheel.

Hamster car and garage - My little Patches drives around in her car all the time. She always finds it by and scurrying off into the garagea and whizzes away!

Spiral slide and ramp - They can zoom up the steep slope and slide around in circles back down.

Adventure ball - Watch them rock and roll in every direction in this transparent sphere all day long.

Surfboard and sleep dome - Does your hamster love surfing? Put him on his awesome surfboard and watch him surf around. When he's done, he can chill, take a nap or play in his sleep dome.

Skateboard and U-turn - Let your little pet skate around the room and practice some tricks on the U-turn. See him grind around the bend and whizz off in the other direction!

Pet bed and blanket - Give your little mate a nice warm cosy bed to sleep and a blanket to snuggle up into.

Pet carrier and blanket - Take your Zhu Zhu out everywhere you go, you never have to leave your little friend behind. It also comes with a blanket to keep it comfy and clean.

You can collect and connect all of these creating a whole new home of fun and freedom. Make sure you get you accessories quick, its predicted that Zhu Zhu toys will eventually bring forward another Christmas craze, bigger than Tickle me Elmo or the Cabbage patch kids.

Here's a video with them all in action:


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