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Dark Ranger WalkThrough of Pocket RPG (1)

Updated on September 7, 2011

After Finished the Game of Exitium, I downloaded the new App of Pocket RPG and seclected the character of Dark Ranger.

The Very First Quest is :

Trouble With Slimes

Someone or Something is organizing the slims. Find their Leader and End this Menace.

It is a 4 level Dungeon, and I have met 2 bosses.

The first one is Two Big Minions which will send out lots of small minions. Since I am the Dark Ranger it is quite easy to go around the boss and shoot him with the safe distance. I equipped the Arrow with the poison attck, so it just takes the time to kill them.

The second Boss which is also the final Boss is an Orc with some small minions. The map there has different organs, so just get the Boss on the organs and he will die himself.

It is the first Dungeon, so it has little difficluties.

Let's go to the next one:

The Abominable Yeti

The once Fertile Forest Lands have been retaken by an Beastly Evil.

The first Boss in this dungeon is a group of Ghost, they wiil disappear for a while and then appear towards you, so my strategy is to keep walking and shooting them.

The Second Boss Fight is without a real Boss, we need to protect the statues from all the monsters' attacks, it is a little bit hard, since there are really a lot of enemies. We should use our skills often. I finished the fight with little HP remained for the Statues.

We will face the third Boss right after the gate, it is a large Tree Monster which will summon plenty of small trees to attack us, and also it has a skill to rang attack us. Just go around the map avoid to step on the orgen and be surrounded by all the mongsters, we can defeat it.

The fourth Boss Fight is two large Tree Monsters, I just use the same strategy to defeat them, but once got surrounded by the monsters and used one Cross, Sigh.

The Last boss has one more skill than the other ones, it can pull us right in front of him, and attacks us. So we need to get away from him ASAP. Be aware of this we can defeat it easily.

The third Quest is:

Rise Of The LichLord

The Lord of the Dead is Waking. Find it Before it Sucks All the Life From This World.

The first Boss here is a Wizard which can summon endless Undead Minions, but itself is quite weak, we can defeat it very quickly.

The next Boss fight is just the same, however with two more wizards, so the amount of the undead minions will triple, luckily I have upgrade the Arrow with penetrate skill, so we can attack multiple enemies at one time.

The last one is the LichLord, it also can summon the undead soldier, but it can teleport in the map, so it will be a little bit annoying to attack him and we also need to be aware of the organs. Just cost more time we can defeat the LichLord easily.


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