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Pogo - Battleship

Updated on August 28, 2018
 2009 Electronic Arts Inc.
2009 Electronic Arts Inc.

Battleship is one of many games that Pogo has to offer. Pogo Games have millions of players with the opportunity to chat while enjoying a fun competitive game. Battleship falls under the Board Games category along with many other of Pogo's great games.

Your #1 Goal in this game is to find all of your opponent's ships and "sink" them. Even though this is a fairly old game to many of us, Pogo has given it an updated feel along with new touches for our enjoyment.

Game play is easy at the beginning of the game you are allotted time to deploy your ships on your grid (which appear on the left hand side under your avatar picture). Once both players have deployed their ships then both players will alternate taking turns "shooting" at their opponents ships. A Miss is recorded with a blue star shaped square and a Hit is recorded with a Red star shaped square. Both players will continue to fire upon each others ships until one player has no remaining ships. The winner will receive a jackpot spin, but both players will receive tokens from playing the game.

Game Modes

Salvo: Found under the Pogo Tab, each player takes turns shooting at the opponents squares. The number of ships that a player has on the board, that is not sunk is the number of shots that they may take.

Basic: Players get 1-4 shots each. Basic mode is under two different tabs for different amounts of shots. In classic tab you get 1 shot per turn, in the Speedy tab you get 4 shots per turn.


Both the default Pogo tab and the Speedy tab have power-ups. They are randomly distributed throughout both players boards, and only six are deployed. Each power-up deployed is in a 2x2 grid marked with green "x"s on 4 squares. Shooting these squares will earn you a power up if you shoot the right one out of the four. Each 4x4 grid only has one power-up.

There are a total of 10 power-ups in all. If you receive a power-up it will automatically be used on your next turn, except the Reinforcements and Counter Attack power-ups which will be used on the same turn that they are received.

  • Heavy Shot Power-up: shoots a plus pattern of 5 shots
  • Torpedo Power-up: shoots horizontally across the board and stops at the first ship it finds
  • Sinking Ships Power-up: sinks the entire ship that it hits
  • Reinforcements Power-up: an extra battleship shows up on your grid
  • Counter Attack Power-up: steals your opponents power-up at end of their turn
  • Harpoon Power-up*: shoots 5 shots at once in an "x" pattern
  • Attack Squadrons Power-up*: gives you two extra shots
  • Skipper Power-up*: shoots 4 shots at once in a 2x2 block
  • Tomahawk Power-up*: shoots 9 shots in a 3x3 area
  • Heat Seeking Missiles - when you get 2 or more power-ups in one turn it will give you one heat seeking missile per power-up, they automatically target your opponents ship(s) at the beginning of your next turn.

*Are only available to Club Pogo Members, although they can be stolen by opponents with the Counter Attack Power-up.

You can choose to have the ships that are sunk announced, please read the Options page to turn this option on or off. However if you hit a ship on a turn but do not sink it, it will not inform you on which ship you have hit.

Rank Progress (Club Pogo Members Only)

This game has 50 ranks. Ranks are show in the upper left hand corner above your pogo avatar. You earn new power-ups at ranks 5, 15, 25 and 35. You earn rank by firing shots. You do not have to win the game to rank up in this game. You earn game award badges at ranks 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. There are also two secret In-Game badges, Terrifically Tenacious Badge can be earned by missing 50,000 shots and Battleship Bomber Badge can be earned by sinking 2,500 battleships.

Pogo brings by the kid in us all by adding these games we all grew to love as children! Sit back and enjoy the wide open seas with Pogo's Battleship!


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    • profile image

      perry st.rose 

      8 years ago

      "i've loved this game since i was a boy,it's a classic"

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Battleship is such a fun a classic game. Nice that its free online :).


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