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Pokémon Game- Pokefarm How To Obtain (get) The Unova Pass

Updated on July 14, 2012

Unova Map


Unova Pass Pokefarm

There is a checklist that tells you what to do below which I think you can copy and paste, if not other user's have it on their farmer's or mini-logs if you can find it. This part tells you in more detail what each step means if it isn't completely clear since checklist's are short and sweet not detailed and explanatory.

Hatch 250 Eggs for the iDex- Pretty easily done, just get eggs from the daycare, lab, or shelter and hatch them. 250 in total but not of different pokémon, you can hatch 250 treekos if you want (might help in the third step if the last 50 or so are of the same pokémon for a 'shiny hunt'). You can check your egg count on the stats page under the eggs hatched section if you don't feel like counting.

Get iDex from Lab: Once you have 250 hatched go to the lab and get the iDex from there. Easy step, next one not so much.

Collect 3 Shiny Dex Entries: If you don't have friends to lend you shiny pokémon or a radar of some sort, this step could take awhile. If you are hunting for it yourself I suggest you go after one that has three evolutionary stages so you get all three entries in one hunt instead or one or two.

Have 6 Blue/Green colored Pokémon in Party: If you don't know what this means, check your iDex, it shows what color each pokémon is. Once you get all 6 or you don't know if you have all 6, go to the merchant, he tells you how close you are. You have to go through the merchant in a less traveled path though. (example: if you look at Bulbasaur under the gender ratio, there is a col. with a green box that means he is a green pokémon.)

Obtain Xtransceiver from Merchant: Kinda gave this away in the last step, go to the merchant to get the Xtransceiver. If you don't have the requirements he will tell you how close you are, so go back to the iDex and find another green or blue pokémon.

Listen to Kinchiona's messages as she sends them: There are 9 of these messages I believe so listen to them. You should get a PM when you get a message and listen to it as quickly as possible because I seem to be getting them a day apart from when I listen although that could just be a coincidence.

Obtain Unova Starter from Lab: Go back to the lab and pick your stater, tepig, snivy, or oshawott. You can get the other two from the lab or shelter once you get the unova pass so don't worry about which one to pick.

Hatch Unova Starter: Yea... hatch it :)

Raise Unova Starter to Level 50 and for 1 week: Um.. so I think you raise it to level 50 and keep it for a week? You can evolve it but if you don't believe me then keep it as the beginning stage, you can evolve it at anytime after you get the pass.

Obtain Unova Pass from Lab: Go back to the lab yet again, and get your Unova Pass.

CONGRATULATIONS YOU WIN! Now go hunt down those pokémon and complete your pokedex :) (and eggdex)

Checklist you Can Put on your Farmer's or Mini Log

[] Hatch 250 eggs for iDex

[] Obtain iDex from Lab

[] Collect 3 Shiny Dex Entries

[] Have 6 blue/green colored Pokémon in party

[] Obtain Xtransceiver from Merchant

[] Listen to Kinchiona's messages as she sends them (9)

[] Obtain Unova Starter from Lab

[] Hatch Unova Starter

[] Raise Unova Starter to Level 50 and for 1 week

[] Obtain Unova Pass from Lab



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