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Pokemon Card Game

Updated on October 10, 2014


Pokemon Trading Card Game

Trading Card Game GBA

Many of us (I would almost believe all of us) have played pokemon on the handheld consoles. Who doesn't love pokemon? In almost any form it is one of the coolest games ever made. In the 90's it was a childs game. In the 2000's it wasn't very cool anymore, but lucky for us all it has definitely made a very strong comeback. Pokemon is officially cool again.

The trading card game on the other hand has never gotten very big. Unfortunately for pokemon other card games have been a lot more prosperous. Games like Magic the Gathering have definitely had a larger grasp on the trading card system. Even card games like Yu-gi-oh was super big.

Luckily a lot of people are associated with trading card games and understand the overall rules of how to play. Many of the games are similar and it makes it very easy to switch around games.

When I was a kid the first time I had actually played the game and learned the rules was through the pokemon trading card game on game boy advance. It was a lot of fun and taught me the rules. For any BEGINNERS out there. I would encourage learning the rules through downloading it on a torrent through your phone or computer and playing it. Very simple game, but very fun.

I had never actually physically played a card game til I first played magic. I really enjoyed it. After playing it several times I realized that something fun like magic could be mixed with one of the games that I loved the most (pokemon) and that I could finally enjoy this super baby.

Best Starter?

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My "Win-All" Card

Starting decks

So a lot of people when they start out get a little confused with how to make a good deck. It can be a little difficult when you start to factor in things like evolutions and things like that. But there are some great places to start.

First you will want to decide what type of pokemon you will be using. You can always use multi-color decks, but don't go overboard. I like to use 2 or 3. Some people will use up to 6 and others will use all the same type. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Imagine if you have only leaf pokemon and you go against someone who has a charizard or Arcanine? Good luck I say to you. I would say for starting maybe choose 2 or 3. It's a simpler way.

There are three different types of cards in pokemon. First you have your pokemon cards. That is that cards that actually have a pokemon monster on it and can attack. Then you have your trainer cards, which in comparison to magic are like your instants. They have special abilities to help you out in a pinch to do certain things. Last of all is your energy cards. These are super important, because without them you can't do anything. Too many, and you also won't be able to do enough. The right amount is necessary so that your deck can flow.

Deciding how many cards to do of each is important. I usually go 20 pokemon cards, 25 trainer cards, and 15 energies. Some times my energies will be greater depending on how many different types of pokemon I have in my deck.

When deciding which pokemon to put into your deck, you will want to start out with a couple low cost pokemon to put out first. I like a lot of quick attack and keep people on their heels. You will want multiples of some pokemon also. Another thing to remember is pokemon who evolve. I have 2 bulbasaur in my deck. I also keep 2 Ivysaur and a venasaur. In the end you want to remember to keep those "Win-all" Pokemon who have a huge hit and can help you to swing the tides in your favor.

Since I have a Leaf deck I also compliment it by using fire pokemon too. I throw in a couple pokemon like Growlithe and Arcanine to round it out.

This is worth so much now... I wonder if the guy who owns it now knows?

The Epitaph of the Shoe Box

When I was a little kid, I would collect pokemon cards. It started with simple cards. I still remember the first card I got was a Vulpix. It is super random, but I loved it so much. Why I remember that is because I put it in my family time capsule in 2000. 4 years ago I opened up the time capsule to find my original vulpix card. It was awesome, but painful. Let me tell you a story so you can understand why that would be painful.

I was about 11 and I had collected about 500 cards. Now, if you remember during that time there were only 150 pokemon. We were getting close to the Gold/Silver era, but not yet. I had almost every pokemon card. I had a holographic Mewtwo and Charizard. They were awesome. I was so proud of that collection. I would sort them daily, but never play.

One day my mom came to me and let me know that she was going to have a Garage Sale. I was super excited because I knew my cards were worth like a MILLION DOLLARS! (or so I thought then) I was gonna make a ton of money by going out and selling each card for the cost that I thought it was worth.

That morning I put all of my cards into a shoe box and set up my table. I put a poster board on front that said "POKEMON CARDS = 3 DOLLARS" and in little handwriting underneath it said "Depending on the card". I was a smart business man. I thought I could lure them in with the low price of three dollars and then up sell them on other cards that were definitely worth more in my eyes.

After about an hour no one had bought any of my cards. I had, though, drank a lot of lemonade and needed to go to the bathroom. I asked my mom if she would watch my cards and she agreed to do it. So I ran inside to go to the bathroom.

As I walked out from doing my business I saw my mom handing over my shoe box full of cards to some mexican guy. Now I am not racist, but he definitely spoke little english from what I saw. My mom turned around as I ran up to her and asked where my shoe box was going.

"LOOK! I sold all of your cards for you!" She said grinning, thinking she had done something great. "I made you three whole dollars." A pit formed in my stomach. My cards were all gone. All that collecting and time spent organizing gone in seconds. Tears flowed out of my eyes. It was a tragic day. I wouldn't touch another pokemon card for over ten years. It was too hard.

Moral of the story, never trust valuables with your parents.

Professor... a what's your NAME?

My Grandpa is a Jerk

Did anyone else find it odd how in the video games, Professor Oaks (also your grandpa) doesn't remember your name? Worse, he doesn't even remember your gender. Guess he never really cared about you as a child.

But that's ok, because he doesn't remember his other grandkid... Gary... or blue... or whatever his name was.


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