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Pokemon Sun and Moon Confirmed and Theories

Updated on February 29, 2016
After these logos got trademarked, all sorts of speculation began.
After these logos got trademarked, all sorts of speculation began.


So nothing is for sure when it comes to the starters, but one thing about Pokemon is that there are a ton of patterns. One is the fire type starter, all of them are an animal of the Chinese zodiac. So chances are the same will be said with generation 7's.

There is also a pattern with water type Pokemon, none of them are based on a full aquatic animal. (ex. piplup is a penguin which goes on land, same thing with squirtle being a turtle and totadile being a crocadile.)

Finally, grass type starters are all based on dinosaurs/reptiles.

All of these things have applied for all six generations so far and will probably do so again next gen.

My guess for each: Fire will probably be an ox or a horse kind of Pokemon because there aren't a whole lot. It's probably going to be an ox because we already have a fire horse, but we'll see. Water will probably be a salamander because it is an amphibian and there aren't any lizard starters I believe. And as for grass, well there are a lot of different things that can happen with this, but my hope is for something like a t-rex to be the opposite of Meganium. This wouldn't be too reasonable because it's a grass type but anything is possible, after all, Charizard isn't a dragon.

Story and Syndicates

I believe that this game will be centered around the sun and moon Gods and Goddesses, probably several but maybe just one, of some kind of lore. This should be obvious but it's because of the title. So the main legendaries will share the names of a sun and moon god.

Now as for typing I feel like the sun will be fire and fairy, because it is a ball of fire and light. As for the moon it will probably be a water and dark type. This is due to the fact that you associate the moon with night time and it has to do with the oceans. This is also perfect because dark is weak to fairy and fire is weak to water so the two legendaries will be held in balance.

Now as for the syndicates, what will they do? Well in Pokemon sun the syndicate will want to destroy the moon and in Pokemon moon they will want to destroy the sun. What the reasons are who knows, but this is the best guess. They will use the respective games legendaries to do so. Additionally it could be like ruby and sapphire where there will be two teams (Team Solar and team Lunar perhaps?) that will be doing this.


As stated above the two main legendaries will probably be a sun and moon god, but what about other legendaries? Well I'm not sure what they would center around, but there is one legendary that will happen for certain and that is a little "fairy" legendary. Every generation had one and this one probably will to. (ex mew in gen 1, celeby in 2, Jirachi in 3, Manaphy in 4, Victini in 5 and though late, Diancie in 6).

There will also probably be a legendary centered around gravity, seeing as to how this is about the sun and moon. Maybe this will be the Pokemon that makes this a trio? There may also be a north star legendary (one that created what we know as the north star.)

Other Pokemon Patterns

Pokemon has a ton of patterns which include all of the following:

There is almost always a cat Pokemon. A picture I just saw showed several of these cats and all of them represented one of the seven deadly sins. This picture was made before generation six and had two gen four Pokemon on it, but I've changed it in my own way to have the following results:

  • Persian- greed
  • Snorlax- sloth
  • Delcatty- Pride
  • Purugly- Glutonny
  • Liepard- Envy
  • Meowstic- Wrath?
  • For some of these it is a bit of a stretch but most make sense, so gen 7 would be lust

Other patterns include: always having a Pikachu clone, always having a dog Pokemon, always having a route one rodent, and always having a beginning bird. There is also always a legendary dragon that evolves to its final stage in between lvl 40-50.

Which Version are you going to get?

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Does this all seem possible?

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