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Pokémon Go: Day 3 - New Special Research - Gelonysus Pokémon Journal

Updated on July 8, 2020
Gelonysus profile image

Gelonysus loves fantasy and the entertainment it brings to our lives.

Pokemon Go Load Screen
Pokemon Go Load Screen

I didn’t have to venture far today before I accomplished a lot. As soon as I stepped outside, there was a Ledyba flying around. One of my Field Researches was to “Use 3 berries to help catch Pokémon”. I had 24 Nanab Berries, so I decided to use one. The Nanab Berry looks a lot like a banana. They can be used to help slow a wild Pokémon down. If you feed the Nanab Berry to a Pokémon, it will not move as much or as fast. This berry would have come in handy for the Yanma I caught yesterday. Those guys are fast and zip around a lot. Slowing the Ledyba down with my Nanab Berry, allowed me to get another great throw. That makes two days in a row that my first throw was a great throw. Hopefully I will keep this streak going.

As soon as I caught the Ledyba and registered it in my Pokédex, an Oddish appeared right next to me. These Pokémon are a lot smaller than the Ledyba. I was not able to get a great throw on this smaller target, but the Oddish stayed in the Poké Ball and I was able to register it to my Pokédex. I guess I got a little too confident in my ability to know a Pokémons combat power (CP) just by looking at it, because I couldn’t tell how good this Oddish was until I had caught it. I guess as my experience grows, so will my ability to assess more and more Pokémon’s CP by just looking at them.

Pokemon Go Level 5!
Pokemon Go Level 5!

Immediately after catching the Oddish, I had earned enough experience points to be promoted to level 5. As a reward, I was given 20 Poké Balls, 10 potions, 10 Revives and 1 incense. Not only did I get all these items to help me in my journey, but Professor Willow thought I was experienced enough to set me out on my first Special Research assignment. My assignment is called A Mythical Discovery. It has 8 different steps. My first three goals, before moving onto the second step, are to Spin 5 PokéStops or Gyms, Catch 10 Pokémon and Transfer 5 Pokémon. Each of these tasks will reward me with 500 experience points. When I complete all three, I’ll get 10 Great Poké Balls, 1 Egg Incubator and 3 Lures.

Pokemon Go A Mythical Discovery 1/8
Pokemon Go A Mythical Discovery 1/8

After all the excitement, it took awhile for anything else to happen. My immediate surroundings were void of any Pokémon to catch and I couldn’t see any PokéStops nearby. I wasn't ready to call it a night just yet, so I kept on searching. After a couple minutes I found a Drifloon. I’m glad I waited. I used another Nanab Berry to complete one of my Field Research tasks and caught the Drifloon on my first throw. I was now able to claim my 500 Stardust for completing a Field Research and earn a stamp toward completing a Research Breakthrough.


Pronounced: leh-dee-bah

Type: Bug/Flying

Region: Johto

Pokedex #: 165

Ledyba is a ladybug-like Pokémon. While the wings typically have five black spots on them, each individual Ledyba has a unique pattern. The males of the species have longer antennas. Their feet and leg joints release an aromatic fluid that is used for communication. The smell not only shows its location but also expresses emotions. You should be cautious if you smell something sour, because this indicates the Ledyba is angry about something. Ledyba are found in large groups. This social Pokémon will become very shy and not want to move. Their instinct to stick in large groups probably stems from their extreme sensitivity to cold. They cluster together for warmth and sleep in groups of four. They are found naturally in temperate forests and jungles. People use these Pokémon to help pollinate fruit-producing crops.

If you should get a Ledyba in your party, it can learn Bug Bite and Tackle for its quick moves. It can learn Aerial Ace, Swift and Silver Wind for its charge moves. When going on the offensive, Bug Bite and Aerial Ace will be most effective. However defense wise, Bug Bite and Silver Wind will be a better option. The fly-bug type Pokémon does well against bug, fighter, grass and ground type Pokémon. It will not be effective against rock, flying, fire, ice and electric types. Ledyba will get a weather boost in rainy and windy weather.

By sticking with your Ledyba, you can evolve it to a Ledian using 25 candies.

Pokemon Go Ledyba
Pokemon Go Ledyba


Pronounced: odd-ish

Type: Grass/Poison

Region: Kanto

Pokedex #: 43

Oddish gets its common name by combining the word Odd with Radish. This does a great job comically describing its physical appearance to the general public, but its scientific name is Oddium Wanerus. You can choose which name to use based on your audience. The five large green leaves on top of its head might appear decorative, but they are actually moving limbs capable of grabbing on to objects. While these leaves have the strength to lift itself over walls, it can only catch light objects. Oddish are nocturnal. During the day, they bury their bodies under the ground and only have their leaves on top of their head exposed. They do this to project themselves from predators and the sunlight which will hurt them. If the leaves are pulled on a buried Oddish, it will give off a horrible shrieking scream. This scream is probably why they are often confused with mandrakes. When the exposed leaves begin to absorb the moonlight, the Oddish knows to unbury itself and begin to move about. Absorbing the moonlight also helps the Oddish grow larger. It will roam upto 1,000 feet each night to scatter its seeds and to find a new nutrient-rich patch of dirt to plant itself in for the coming day. The more fertile the soil the glossier its leaves will become. It is believed that its feet act as roots while it is buried. To help with its camouflage, Oddish live in grasslands.

Oddish and their sensitive bodies might not be the best fighters, but don’t count them out. With a lot of love and attention, they can evolve into a Gloom with 25 candies and then either into a Vileplume or Bellossom. In its early Oddish form, it can learn Razor Leaf and Acid for its fast attack. It has a lot of versatility in its charge moves. These main moves include Seed Bomb, Moon Blast, Sludge Bomb, Frustration and Return. Acid and Sludge Bomb are going to work best for offense. When defending gyms, have it learn Razor Leaf and Sludge Bomb. Those large leaves give it a slight boost in sunny and cloudy weather. These Pokémon are particularly vulnerable against flying, fire, ice and psychic type Pokémon. They have an advantage over fighting, water, electric, fairy and grass types.

Pokemon Go Oddish
Pokemon Go Oddish


Pronounced: driff-loon

Type: Ghost/Flying

Region: Sinnoh

Pokedex #: 425

These ballon-like Pokémon are interesting in how they are kind creatures, but have nasty attributes. A Drifloon comes into being when a bunch of lost Pokémon and human souls gather together. The Drifloon’s round body expands as they gather more spirits. They will also expand and shrink to express their emotions. If a Drifloon’s body explodes, you can hear the screeching of the souls being released. If a Drifloon is about to lose in battle, it will counter by exploding its body on purpose.

A Drifloon wants to be in the company of living people, but it’s light body and aimless drifting make this difficult. They have found small children to be the best option for companionship. These light-weight children will often grab onto a Drifloon thinking it is a balloon and be carried away. Larger children are strong enough to pull them around and treat them like a real balloon. Drifloons are often referred to as "Signpost for Wandering Spirits" because of their aimless drifting. They appear often every Friday at the Valley Windworks in the Sinnoh region. Drifloons can be found in damp, humid areas. They have a weather boost in foggy and windy weather.

While a Drifloon can be friendly and helpful, training these Pokémon is not for the faint of heart. With enough love and time, a Drifloon will evolve into a Drifblim using 50 candies. You can teach your Drifloon Astonish or Hex for its fast move. It’s charge moves can be Ominous Wind, Shadow Ball or Icy Wind. Hex and Shadow Ball are going to be the best moveset for both offense and defense. So learn them well and train hard.

Pokemon Go Drifloon
Pokemon Go Drifloon

I was very happy with my progress today. It was time to call it a night. I can’t wait to see what new Pokémon I discover tomorrow. My new goal will be to find a PokéStop. I have yet to do that.


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