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Pokémon Go: Day One - Getting Started - Gelonysus Pokémon Journal

Updated on July 4, 2020
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Gelonysus loves fantasy and the entertainment it brings to our lives.

Professor Willow from Pokemon Go
Professor Willow from Pokemon Go

I’m so excited to begin my Pokémon Journey tomorrow. Professor Willow visited me and asked if I would be willing to help him study Pokémon from all over the world! Of course...I said YES! My job will be to collect as many Pokémon specimens as I can. I will then choose to keep and train these creatures or transfer them to Professor Willow for research.

Choosing My Clothes

My Pokemon Go Outfit
My Pokemon Go Outfit

Since I will be traveling the world in different climates and environments, it will be important to choose the right outfit. This will not only help other trainers identify me, but also be a way to express my individual personality. The most practical item is my blue hooded jacket. This loose fitting top will protect me from the elements and not hinder my throwing arm movement. Blue is also my favorite color. I went with the white shorts and blue trim for color contrast. I think it will help me stand out, so other trainers will see me running to join them. After all, it will be important for us all to work as a team if we are going to learn more about these wonderful creatures. I went with black and yellow gloves to help me grip my Poké Ball and make better throws. The black and yellow pattern should help me see my throwing technique and hopefully improve it over time. I almost didn’t pick white shoes, because of how dirty they will get as I trek all over the place looking for Pokémon. However, I want people to see all the mud and stains to show people just how hard I am working to help Professor Willow study Pokémon and train myself to be a Pokémon master. As for my magikarp hat, well...I think having a magikarp eating my head looked silly and if you can’t let yourself have fun catching Pokémon then what’s the point?

I Choose You

My First Pokemon Catch Choices
My First Pokemon Catch Choices

After getting dressed for my adventure, it was time for me to catch my first Pokémon. A bulbasaur, charmander and squirtle appeared right away. I had a hard time choosing which one to catch first. While all three are adorable, I knew that my first one was going to be special. I decided against bulbasaur because I didn’t want my first Pokémon to have poison. Since I couldn’t decide between water and fire, I went after charmander because he was farther away from the others. I didn’t want him to feel lonely, so I chose him. He would know he was needed and I would know that I could befriend a Pokémon no matter how much of a loner it was.

Discovering Charmander in my Pokedex #4
Discovering Charmander in my Pokedex #4


Pronounced: char-man-der

Type: Fire

Region: Kanto

Pokedex #: 4

Charmander is a small, bipedal lizard Pokémon. While many people think charmander and its evolutions to charmeleon and charizard are dragon types, they are mistaken. This is a common mistake because many of charmanders physical characteristics resemble what many people consider those of a dragon. However, when it was discovered that charizard could mega evolve into a Mega Charizard X using the Charizardite X Mega Stone it became clear that this species did possess a dormant dragon type DNA. This is why the charizard switches from a fire/flying type to a fire/dragon type.

One of charmanders most noticeable characteristics is the flame that burns at the end of its tail. While this is a fascinating feature, it is key for helping trainers understand their Pokémon. The intensity of this flame directly correlates to the charmander’s physical and mental health. If you see the flame wavering, it means the charmander is having a great time. If you see it burning fiercely, look out because it’s angry. If you see the flame flickering out, then it needs immediate attention. A charmander will die, when its flame goes completely out.

When it comes to training a charmander for battle, there are a lot of options. Charmander can learn ember and scratch for its fast moves. For its charge moves it can learn flamethrower, Flame burst and flame charge. When going on the defensive your best move combination will be ember and flamethrower. If you are planning on using a charmander for defensive purposes you’ll want to teach it ember and flame charger.

Charmander are weak against ground, rock and water type pokémon. For battling against other Pokémon, they can be effective against ice, fire, grass, steel, bug and fairy types.

You will probably notice they get a nice boost during sunny weather, so keep your eyes out on those nice sunny days.

Pokemon Go: Charmander
Pokemon Go: Charmander

My Code Name

Now that I caught my first Pokémon, I was ready to officially join Professor Willows team. He wanted me to choose a nickname, so people wouldn’t know my real identity. It makes me feel like a superhero. Although we will be working as a team to grow stronger, collect Pokémon and have fun, it’s important that we remember to be safe. We don’t know each other outside of this adventure and so caution is advisable.

I chose GelonysusBlog because Gelonysus is another organization I belong to and I am hoping to record my journey so others can learn from my experience and excel in whatever Pokémon quest they wish to undertake.

The Journey Continues

Pokmon Go Starting Item Bag Contents
Pokmon Go Starting Item Bag Contents

To start out the Professor gave me a few items to begin my journey. I received 2 incenses to help lure Pokémon to my location for 30 minutes. I have 50 Poké Balls to catch Pokémon. I was equipped with a camera to take pictures of Pokémon in the field. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so that is a lot of information I won’t have to write down. I am really excited about the egg incubator. Can you imagine anything greater than being able to witness the birth of an actual Pokémon? I'll have to spin at Poké Stops and Gyms to get more items.

Now that I’m all set up, I'm looking forward to discovering what new adventures await me tomorrow.


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