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Polish Horseshoes - My new Favorite Summertime game

Updated on September 3, 2010

I was introduced to this phenomenally fun, simple game a few months ago.... Now I'm hooked! Read on to Learn what you need to get started, and How to play!

Polish Horseshoes is an outdoor game that is played with 4 people, 2 per team. Here, you will read about what you need in order to play (very few, easy-to-get items) and how to play it! This game is so fun and addictive, you'll probably only stop playing because your arm is about to fall off!

What equipment do I need to get Started?

Well, I'm glad you asked. The list is VERY short. :)

You will need the following to play Polish Horseshoes:

Two Ski PolesTwo empty 12-20 oz. Bottles or Cans One Frisbee That's It!! "Hey, I live in Georgia! I don't have ski poles!" Oh, right! I forgot that it doesn't snow in every part of the world....No Problem! You can use Tomato Garden stakes, or broom handles that have been sharpened down. Pretty much Anything that is at least 4 feet (48 inches) in height, and can be driven into the ground will do just fine! That is, as long as an empty can or bottle can perch happily at the top.

Check out the masterful artwork done by myself to help demonstrate the way each side should look like.

So how Do I play this game, anyway?

That's a good Question! Here's the answer....

This game requires Four (4) Players. Two per team. You can set up the ski poles or stakes within any reasonable distance from one another. The distance will depend on level of skill and accuracy throwing a frisbee. Each team alternates throwing the frisbee trying to ultimately hit the Pole that is holding the bottle/can.

Each teammate takes one side of the pole left-to-right. You are responsible for catching the opposing teams throw One-Handed! If you drop the disc, you will be charged One (1) Point. If the opposing team hits the stick, but you catch the can/bottle and the disc, it is Two (2) points for the opponents. If you drop the disc after it hits the pole, it is Three (3) Points.

If the opposing team hits the can/bottle clean off the stick, and you fail to catch the disc AND the Can/bottle, it is Four (4) Points. You deduct a point per item dropped (The disc or the frisbee).

So to recap the scoring, it goes like this:

Hit the pole = 1 Point if: Team drops disc or bottle, it is one point for each dropped item. (Highest possible score = 3)

Hit the Can Flush = 2 points. if: Team drops disc or bottle, it is one point for each dropped item. (Highest possible score = 4)

If the team throwing the disc misses everything, but you drop the frisbee, that costs you 1 Point. (It has to be a catch able throw in order for the drop-point to occur) If your throw is out of reach or hits the ground before it reaches the stake, it's deemed a dead throw.

Remember, you can ONLY catch the disc with one hand! If they catch you using two hands, it will cost you a point! The point system is similar to Ping Pong. It is usually played to 21 points. You have to win by 2 or More points, and you can not lose on a drop. Have Fun! This game is great!

Polish Horseshoes

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