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Porter Cable Woodworking Routers

Updated on January 30, 2010

Porter Cable Routers




There are many types of routers out there and with so much variety that it is hard to choose the right router for the right job. All can do the job, but when you are working with quality wood, you want to use a quality router to get the best cuts and edging possible. If this is your goal you might want to try Porter Cable wood working routers. These versatile machines are the tools you need to get the job done right the first time. The flagship of routers in the Porter Cable line is the Porter Cable 690. But the real value is in the newer 893PK This model comes with a fixed base or a plunge base. Each router kit is engineered by professionals with the input and advice of wood working professionals and industry standards.


There are some fantastic features that come standard with either the fixed or plunge based model. It has a height adjustment feature that is a plus on any router and makes the task at hand easier and faster. The dual position switch allows the operator to turn on the router near the handle and also on top of the motor. If any mishaps occur, you can turn the router off from both positions to save the integrity of the wood and the safety of the user. Not only are these safety features standard in both kits, but the motor runs quieter than most routers so you can hear what is going on around you. Not only will your ears find welcome relief, but the job accomplished will be more professional and smooth than with any other router.


Another great feature of Porter Cable wood working routers is that they have a spindle lock that allows for bit changes with only one wrench. The wrench is universal so if you get a different model bit, they bits are interchangeable with a turn of the wrist. This model has a very long power cord so that you can move around your project easier without having a extension cord or other electronic attachment that is cumbersome and will slow you down. The power cord is ten feet long so on most projects you can just plug into the wall socket and have all the ease and flexibility you need to get around the router table or work bench.


The only negative aspect of the Porter Cable wood working routers, as reported by reviewers, is that the owner's manual is a little frustrating to read and understand. Even though the reading level is difficult, it is important to read the manual to not only give you a safe experience with the router, but to allow you to use all the features that are offered. For example the built-in dust collection bin in the plunge base is great for picking up small debris, but is not built for larger pieces of wood. This kind of information is provided in the manual and must be learned so that your Porter Cable wood working router can be utilized for maximum performance. The best idea and most positive reviews come when you mount the Porter Cable 893PK in a router table. Drilling the insert is easy and gives the router all new functionality. This alone makes all the negative aspects of the router go away.




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      haddin 7 years ago

      woodworking plans

      This is very useful for me, I will recommend my friends to read this information

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      dniemi14 9 years ago

      I really like the videos, they add alot to your article.

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      The videos and pictures are great!

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      Cilantro 9 years ago

      Thank you. I had no idea how to find any recommendations for routers until I ran across your articles.

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      Laine99 9 years ago

      Informative videos. Thank you for pointing out about the owner's manual. I have a bad habit of tossing them to the side.

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      its very informative.

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      TEJAS 9 years ago

      Good guidance for choosing the right router for the right job.

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      Videos were very helpful - thanks!

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      Ayesha 9 years ago

      Quite honest. Given negative aspect too.Very good.

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      Amy 9 years ago

      Very good and informative article about routers. The video and the pictures were VERY helpful.

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      Stuff like this makes me want to learn more. Thanks!

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      I really like the height adjustment feature you describe. Good to know.

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      The videos are really helpful.

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      I like the metal insert, where do you get them?