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Positive Side Of Online Gaming

Updated on October 5, 2012

Advantages of Playing Online

Online gaming is not just about being addicted to it, or making money out of it. The games are so well defined, as they are an expression of technology, cultural norms and eliminating worldwide boundaries and they also become a source of study.

Online gaming has the power to not only entertain but also help people to learn a lot. Because of gaming sites, the information literacy rate also increases because people download files with text and also make notes of various things. Some also take screen shots of the games they play and upload the image to get comments. Because of this commenting there are a lot of inputs given by different people which helps to improve or change the strategies. People from all ages give their inputs to solve the problem.Because of Free Online Games, there is a lot of curiosity and people just want to find out more and in turn it leads to the development of learning. Online games help to sharpen individual skills as they put in thoughts on a particular topic.

Games help to develop research skills which play a vital role in playing particular games like Rummy Card Games where you need to plan and use strategies to outrun the opponent.

Many online gaming sites have multi player mode which is really beneficial. Because of this, there is social interaction and exchange of ideas. There are games which allow you to play as a team which helps to share ideas and help in team building and you start understanding people better.Online gaming gets you glued for hours which help to increase concentration power.

There are games based on ancient civilizations which take you back in history due to which you learn a lot about history. There are also games which re-enact actual events that have taken place in the past. In this way you are aware what had happened many years ago.

There are some games which teach you to win by using non violence which has a positive impact on the minds of people.

After you see a successful game even you feel that you should create a game too which makes you think and you come up with innovative ideas in design, software programming, graphics etc.
Online games also play a very big role in increasing self-esteem and it motivates a person in many ways. Online games which include Math, spelling and other educational material helps the children in real life.
Hence it is said that games not just toys but have a positive impact in one’s life knowingly or unknowingly.

Does online gaming have a positive side according to you ??

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