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Precious Moments: Collectibles for Everyone, From Pictures to Figurines and Much More

Updated on October 7, 2012
Figurine to celebrate a new addition to the family.
Figurine to celebrate a new addition to the family. | Source

Precious Moments: Collectibles for Everyone

Collectibles aren't just for sports memorabilia, stamps, or coins. More and more often, people are collecting display figurines to pass down to their children or grandchildren. Precious MomentsTM figurines can be the perfect collectible for this purpose as they have figurines for nearly every occasion.

Precious Memories

I can still remember when, as a child, my Mother bought me a Precious Moments figurine, and placed it on the shelf in my bedroom. "This is not a toy," she told me. "It is a keepsake. It is something you will cherish, and pass down to your children one day." Unfortunately, my keepsake got broken during a move, so I am unable to pass it down to my daughter, however I have purchased one very similar to give to her, and it sits above her crib on a shelf much the same way my keepsake safeguarded me as a child.

Over the years and into my young adulthood, I can remember getting excited every year to see the new figurines that were released, especially nearing Christmas. Those figurines were so amazingly precious, and so special when given to me by my Mom. From the praying child as a baby, to the graduation figurine I was given when graduating high school, each one held a special memory for me of a time and place in my heart when I knew without doubt, if only for a moment, that my Mom truly did love me and thought enough of me to pass along this special gift.

Now that my Mom has passed, and I have my own children to raise, I long for the day when I will be able to share Precious Moments with my children, especially my daughter. To be able to explain to them the sentiment behind the figurine, and how much it meant to me as a child, teen, or young adult to receive them from my Mom, and how I hope it holds a similar sentiment for them, will be a joy. A simple figurine, yet so much more.

Huge Selection for Every Occasion

Precious Moments offers a wide selection of products, not strictly limited to figurines, on their website. From stuffed animals to T-shirts, and everything in between, they offer something for nearly every person and nearly every occasion. I often shop with Precious Moments for gifts for family and friends, including men. My husband loves his New Dad figurines he received for both the birth of our son and our daughter.


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