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Preview: Mass Effect 3

Updated on December 11, 2011
"It's just another stroll through the park.... o my god what is that!"
"It's just another stroll through the park.... o my god what is that!"

At the Video Game Award show just last night more gameplay of the third entry in the Mass Effect series was shown. What was shown was something that I was not expecting. We were treated to seeing our beloved Commander Shepard running through a destroyed city as he gave orders to get to the tower in the center of the city that looked like that of a Prothean beacon similar to what gave Shepard visions in the first game. It looked as if it was activated just like the beacon that we saw in the first game as well, but what was even more surprising is the fact that it was guarded by a reaper. The Reapers name was Hammer as it shot laser after laser in hopes of cutting down Shepard as he gained on the Reaper. As Shepard got closer it seemed as if the Reaper was not only shooting lasers at him but also unleashing what seemed to be tiny Reaper like creatures for Shepard to fight against. Eventually a thresher maw came out from the ground to attack the Reaper. Even more amazing, was all of this was mostly gameplay.


The gameplay looks just as sharp as its predecessors but also it seems as if the pace of the game has been sped up a bit. I always ways a bit concerned about how this game would be considering the size of the enemy that you will be faced with as it could get to be a bit ridiculous. I worry however that when fighting the Reapers you will be constantly faced with getting to some sort of Prothean technology that can weaken the Reapers leaving them much more vulnerable. If that's how the game goes, then I fear that it would get boring to some extent, but after seeing this trailer, not so much. The fact that a thresher maw came from nowhere to attack the Reaper intrigues me. It adds to the cinematic feel of the game as it wouldn't surprise me now if we see more instances of this kind of event throughout the game.


The second game was one of the best I've ever played, and this game looks to improve upon that. I'd hope that each mission has a level of intensity that the previous games lacked as to often each mission felt a bit similar. The second was better in that regard as each side mission was a bit different from one another but if this game features say the peon kind of Reapers, that would be a welcome addition. Even having rescue missions have much more potential now as the Reapers have begun their attempt to regain control over the galaxy. The shear potential of this game is much higher then the previous games. The fact that this is also the last game in the series will add to the intensity felt throughout the entire time playing it. Knowing that each potential decision could lead to the eventual destruction of mankind in this game, that is quite the doozy. I can't even handle minor responsibilties in real life to some extent, now in a video game your going to put mankind on my shoulders. Come on Bioware. Needless to say I cannot wait for this game, and March cannot come soon enough.

"I need a makeover...lordy, Miranda will not like this look one bit."
"I need a makeover...lordy, Miranda will not like this look one bit."


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    • Nightmarephantom profile image

      Nightmarephantom 6 years ago from Columbia, MD

      Honestly the game play looks intense. They really are going all out for number 3.