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Prey Review-PC

Updated on March 11, 2011

Prey Box art

Some bad dudes in Prey

More bad guys with a nade in hand

Uh oh

Hey look a portal

I review the latest first person shooter from the dudes that brought you Duke Nu

    3D Realms, the company that brought you the Duke Nukem series has brought back a project that they cancelled a while ago. This project was known as Prey and now it's back and even badder then ever. Prey is a first person shooter where you take on the role of Tommy. A Cherokee Native American who has been abducted along with a ton of other people by alians invading Earth. Tommy now must escape from these alien invaders, rescue his girlfriend and grandfather, save the world, and learn the ways of his people, all of this without sleeping and just over a day. So now you have the plot of the game, let's talk about the game and what makes it kew.

    First off the graphics in the game look amazing. Prey was made using the latest version of the Doom 3 engine. If you have seen Doom 3 then you know what you'll be looking at. If you haven't seen it then let me tell you about it. The graphics built on the Doom 3 engine are able to make incredible shadows and lighting, it is able to have a very high polygon count which allows for much more realistic textures making your enemies and surroundings look bad ass. Everything in this game looks amazing and because everything you deal with is mostly organic, even the space ships, good quality textures really help everything look very fluent and realistic. Your weapons even look amazing as well, you can see little bolts here and there, shadows are cast based on the light source and the position of the object between it so having a shadow in the game, looks just like in real life. There is this one big enemy that looks like a big mechanical bull except probably 20 feet tall, and you can see the shadows cast on his by his armor and horns and it really adds a good sense of coolness. Also, objects in the game have real physics so if you push a box over it falls like it would in real life, same thing with a body, if you pop a cap in a foo, then he will fall down and tumble like in real life, not that i have ever really capped a foo though. Check out the screenshot of the game and you can see how amazing things really look in the game.

     As you can tell I think the game looks amazing, now lets talk about the weapons. The weapons in the game are all pretty sweet and look awesome. You start off with a pipe wrench,  this is just your basic melee weapon you can use to bash in heads if you run out of ammo. It has a regular hit attack then it's secondary attack is a stronger hit that just takes longer to execute. You next weapon is a pistol that shoots stuff. Basically it's the gun you will be using the most and does a decent amount of damage. It's secondary attack allows it to zoom in like a sniper rifle and take out bad dudes across the screen. This is a nice feature because when in the sniper mode the damage that is dealt is a lot more powerful. The next weapon is a leech gun that is able to leech power from these little power sources located around the game. There are 4 different types of ammunation you can get. There is your regular red plasma ammo which shoots a very rapid spray of little red dots, this is good for taking down medium to lower health bad guys. The second type of ammo you get is an Ice ammo which allows you to freeze bad guys by spraying them. I didn't like this mode because you had to be much too close to the guys to freeze them and then I don't know, just isn't as rewarding because you can't even shatter them as the are frozen, they just sit there for a while then fall apart. The third type of ammo is the electric ammo which shoots out a big bolt of electricity which will take down most of the guys in one or two hits. This is one of my favorite weapons because it was quick and I found that taking down the flying guys that move fast was easier with this because they wouldn't have time to move. The last type of ammunation you get is called the pure energy ammo. It basically lets off a big pillar of energy destroying anything in it's path in a very short period of time. This is the strongest type of ammo for the leech gun and actually pushes you back as you shoot with it. The next toy you get is these little spider looking creatures that are grenades. You can either throw it and it will stick to a wall and will only blow up with something gets close to it, or you can pull off one of its legs and throw it and it will blow up like a regular grenade. The next weapon is a arm actually you get when you cut it off a bad guy. It's like a submachine gun with a grenade launcher on it. It has a quick spray of bullets then your secondary fire mode is a grenade launcher that does a nice deal of damage, just make sure you aren't close tot he explosion or you may fall victim to your big balls that blow up. Your next weapon is prey's version of a shot gun. Instead of a shotgun that shoots regular buck shot, you have a shotgun that is a acid shotgun. It shoots a large amount of acid at your target and work well upclose because it's a large spread of acid. The secondary fire mode is when it shoots a big clump of acid and does a lot more damage, this just takes longer to reload and isn't as accurate. The acid shotgun is very powerful and fun to use because on most of the smaller guys, it's a one shot kill. The last weapon is a rocker launcher, it shoots big rockets at a fast rate and then it's secondary mode is like an organic shield that is like gas that blocks incoming and outgoing fire to keep you feeling safe. Just don't be close to the rockets when you shoot them or you go boom boom as well. The guns in this game are mostly your standard weapons but the secondary fire modes and how they all look organic and life like make it really cool to use. Sometimes i'd just sit around and watch the guns move.

    Another cool feature in this game is the ability to go into your soul mode.  This is when you leave your body and control your soul and walk around with a bow and arrow and open stuff that you can't if you were in your body. For example, sometimes a bridge could be broken down and you can't get across but if you go into your soul mode you would be able to get across because a bridge would form in the spirit world. Also sometimes there are force fields that you can't go through, but if you go into spirit form you can walk through it and open it from the other side via a control panel. This feature is really cool because it adds a nice little puzzle feature to the game without making it too much like a Tomb Raider game. Also, if you die, you don't really die, you go into a spirit world and shoot down these flying things to replenish your health. After which you go back into the real world and are revived, this is a cool feature because you don't ever die really and don't have to get frusterated. 

    Prey has some intense gravity changes. There are walkways that you can walk on that you stick to and then can walk upside down, on walls, or whatever. Also there are these platforms that you can hit that move the whole world around. If you shoot one that is on the ceiling, the room flips and turns whatever you shoot into the floor This is pretty cool feature and the fact that sometimes you don't even know which way is up is really cool. This one time i was so confused to how i was sitting I threw a grenade and i guess i was facing up and it just landed back on my face and blew me up. The feature of the gravity changes and the changing of the position of the world is really cool, this is one of my favorite things of the game.

    Another cool feature of the game are the portals scattered around the world that can instantly move you from one place to another without loading a new world. For example, there can be a box on the floor with a portal as a side and if you walk through it you are in a new part of the game just like you stepped through a door. This is a really cool feature because from a technical stand point this is really new. Back in the old days of the original Doom games, floors couldn't even be built on one another because the computer couldn't understand it. Now there are just little windows into a different world laying around. They really act like portals and not doors because you can walk behind them and there is nothing there. It really looks and acts like a portal and this is really cool.

    The enemies in the game are your usual type of characters without the usual looks. You have your little dog things that die easy, then your soldiers that simple and dumb. Then they have the harder flying stuff that shoots rockets. Also the fat dude that hits hard if he can catch up to you. Then the big ass guys who shoot big bullets that you have to do something special to kill them. Then there is the super cool boses who always have a unique way of fighting. I just wish there were more bad guys then there really are. 

    The multiplayer aspect of the game is really fun. There are the usual CTF mode, death and team deathmatch modes. The cool thing about it is that you can walk on walls and ceilings and fight people while on walls and stuff. It reminds me a lot of the Matrix. I liked the the multiplayer a lot and I usually don't like just random killing modes. The walk walking really made it work for me.  

    Well I think I have covered pretty much all the parts of the game. If you haven't noticed i enjoyed this game a lot. I recommend it for anyone who likes a good solid first person shooter. It looks amazing, plays great, and makes you wonder "wtf" sometimes. I give Prey an A- because it could use more weapons and more bad guys. Go out and buy it. 

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