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Prince of Persia Reviewed

Updated on June 5, 2009

Now if you like action games then you will really love Prince of Persia. Now granted this is a review of the first game so the graphics will not be stellar like they are in the latest release, but if you want to get a great background on the game then you will need to play the games prior to the newest release. Now in this game even though it is older the game play will be enjoyable for anyone. I know that the moves that you learn in this edition will definitely help you out in the later games.

Some of the pros of this game is that this game has great scenery depicted for the time period. Now you might argue that the game is fictional, which the game is. However, the scenery is very well done.

The next pro is that the game action is very well done. Compared to the games of today though the games action scenes will not look that good, but you must remember what time frame this game was developed. The scenes are excellent for that time period.

The big positive is the storyline is very easy to follow. Now you will be able to walk thru this game with a storyline that anyone could follow. Now with this is mind you will want to pay attention because the story will build on itself over time.

The negatives to this game are in my experience playing the game the person that your controlling, the prince, will at times do the total opposite of what you are wanting him to do. For instance one issue that I kept having with the Prince is I would want him to attack a person in front of him that was striking me, but instead he would turn around and start attacking the creature that was coming up behind him leaving my back now open to attack for the creature that was already attacking me. He would also do this while I was trying to jump; he would jump the opposite direction and seemed to be committing suicide.

Now I know that this game is somewhat older, but is still very popular. I still enjoy playing the game and I am sure that everyone will enjoy playing it as well. The game play is great and the storyline is very easy to follow. The action can be a challenge at times because of the prince doing the opposite of what you want him to do.

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