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Prison Planet, Free Tower Defense Game

Updated on January 1, 2011
For more free tower defense games, visit:
For more free tower defense games, visit: | Source

If you've ever been concerned that tower defense games just don't make you feel evil enough, then Prison Planet is the Tower Defense game you've been waiting for. Other tower defense games involve fighting off sea birds, or balloons. In Prison Planet, your job is to stop helpless human prisoners from escaping. Is betraying your own species enough evil for you? Yes? Read on.

As with most tower defense games, the tower types in Prison Planet are fairly standard except instead of hurling tacks as in the delightfully whimsical Bloons Tower defense, you have hard-line animal guards who use a wide range of technologically terrible armaments to keep the prisoners in the prison walls.

Unlike other tower defense games however, your towers actually need to build up experience before they can be upgraded. This slows the game down and makes winning much more of a challenge. Having said that, let's look at the tower types, shall we?

Hammerhead guards stun prisoners using tasers, stun guns and force staffs (whatever a force staff is, I imagine it to be sort of like a cattle prod.) In addition to land sharks (the scariest sharks of all) there are also foxes, cheetahs and hounds to help you contain your human foe.

If you face an emergency, you can unleash the hounds. Hounds only last for one round but will chase down and maul prisoners mercilessly.

In the first level (or mission, as the game calls it) you don't need to think much about resource allocation. It's pretty easy to chuck a few hammerheads out there, compliment them with a cheetah (which ironically works to slow prisoners) and unleash packs of hounds whenever things get hairy.

On a negative note, the game has a very fast pace, which would be fine if there was any way at all to pause the game. As it is, you only have 30 seconds between rounds, which means very little time to regroup if you are distracted by life issues and a ruined game if you have to go AFK.

Level design also becomes much more challenging from the second level onwards. If you fail a level, you are awarded a demerit and your only option is to repeat the level. One is left feeling chastised by the game, as if the game were a stuffy nosed school mistress not pleased with one's work. All in all however, one cannot complain that the game is too easy, nor can one really whine that it is too hard. It is pleasingly balanced, like an elephant atop an inflatable beach ball.

In terms of atmosphere, Prison Planet has to receive an A+. It has a lovely sound track and graphics that are very slick and appropriate to the genre (the genre being an online game that cannot be too graphically intensive out of necessity.)

If you love Tower Defense games, you're sure to get a kick out of Prison Planet Tower Defense, a new twist on an old theme.

Play Prison Planet!


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